The Deeper Dating Course with Ken Page


The Deeper Dating Course with Ken Page

The Deeper Dating Course with Ken Page

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The Deeper Dating Course with Ken Page

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The Deeper Dating Course with Ken Page

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Modules

Course sessions are on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 7-module intensive, Ken will guide you to see the power you have to change your romantic future – by bringing the magic of your unique “core gifts” into the way that you date.

Each teaching session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to illuminate and sustain a path to love that is authentic and fulfilling.

Module 1: How to Speed – and Ease –
Your Path to Love 
( on September 4, 2014)

w1.jpg?02030902In this first session, you will learn why so many popular approaches to finding love ultimately fail us, and how the power of authenticity holds the key. You will be introduced to the four stages of the Deeper Dating process, and learn how to transform your search for love into a real intimacy journey – one which is dramatically more likely to lead to real and healthy love.

You will learn:

  • Why longing for love is a sign of wisdom, not weakness
  • 6 seminal research findings which reveal a wiser path to love
  • Why self-improvement often leads us away from love, not toward it
  • Why looks, youth and success matter far less than the true skills of intimacy
  • 3 tools for making your search for love less painful and profoundly more effective
  • The best way to learn to “love yourself first”

Module 2: Discovering Your Own
Core Gifts 
( on September 11, 2014)

w2.jpg?02030902In this session, we will focus on the very heart of the wiser search for love; naming and embracing our own core gifts. Core gifts are our points of deepest sensitivity to life. We often think we need to hide or fix these points of great sensitivity, but the reverse is true; they hold the key to our greatest inner beauty and our deepest capacity for love.

In this class, you will:

  • Discover two of your unique core gifts, and see how these gifts have shaped your relationship history – and your entire life
  • Learn how your insecurities and vulnerabilities reveal your greatest gifts
  • Receive tools for discovering your core gifts in both your joys and your heartbreaks
  • Discover how honoring these core gifts can change your entire search for love – and the quality of your life
  • Learn about the Gift/Wound/Defense Matrix, a new way to understand your life-story and your intimacy journey

Module 3: Honoring Your Core Gifts
Your Direct Path to Love ( on September 18, 2014)

w3.jpg?02030902In this module, you will learn how to honor, listen to and work with your own core gifts. As part of this class, participants will begin to create their own Gift-Circle – a life-changing experience where the people who love you most help you see and understand your own core gifts.

In this class, you will learn:

  • 8 essential tools for honoring and expressing your gifts
  • What your core gifts need from you
  • What no one teaches us about self-love
  • How to let your core gifts lead you to romantic love
  • How to create your own Gift-Circle
  • 2 powerful and exquisite 5-minute spiritual practices to empower and enrich your search for love

Module 4: Your Romantic and
Sexual Attractions

The Heart of the Matter ( on September 25, 2014)

w4.jpg?02030902Our romantic and sexual attractions – and what we do with them – shape our entire search for love, yet we are given almost no training in how to work with or understand these attractions.

In this module, you will learn some of the deepest truths around your attractions:

  • “Attractions of Inspiration” vs. “Attractions of Deprivation” – the most important distinction of all
  • Why our strongest attractions are often to people who are not good for us
  • How we can educate our attractions to serve us in our search for healthy love
  • How our attractions reveal the deepest parts of our beings: both those parts we reject – and those we embrace
  • The single decision which is almost guaranteed to transform our relationship future

Module 5: Learn The Skills of Deeper Dating – and Discover How to Transform the Great Saboteurs of Healthy Love ( on October 2, 2014)

w5.jpg?02030902In this module, you will learn how to bring the power, authenticity and magic of your core gifts right into the day-to-day reality of your search for love – and to all your relationships. You will develop a “toolkit” of skills which will help turn your dating life into an adventure of growth.

You will:

  • Learn the 7 most important skills of Deeper Dating
  • Develop new and concrete Deeper Dating skills specifically designed for online dating, dating events, social gatherings and day-to-day life – with checklists, suggestions, and exercises for each of these venues
  • Move closer to real love by engaging in “mindful field trips,” which will illumine old patterns and help you develop new ones
  • Learn about “The Wave” – the single greatest saboteur of healthy new love – and what to do when it hits
  • Learn why the standard understanding of “fear of intimacy” does us a grave disservice, and why we don’t need to get beyond it in order to find love

Module 6: Discovering Your Sexual and Romantic Core Gifts
Building Sexual and Romantic Attraction to People Who Are Good for You ( on October 9, 2014)

w6.jpg?02030902In this module, you will learn specific tools and techniques for deepening your sexual, romantic, emotional and spiritual connection to people who are good for you. Exciting research findings and current intimacy theory offer us tremendous opportunities for bringing greater passion, erotic joy, tenderness and humanity to the way we love.

You will:

  • Discover and learn to embrace one of your essential sexual core gifts
  • Learn the AHA technique – a powerful, simple technique to profoundly deepen intimacy in your romantic relationship, or any relationship at all
  • Receive specific research-based techniques for developing and intensifying sexual and romantic connection with a partner
  • Expand your capacity to work with attractions that threaten to knock you off-balance
  • Learn the two most important questions for bringing deeper humanity, love and sexual depth into your relationship

Module 7: Being Loved and Loving
into Fullness

Acknowledgements and Visioning Your Next Steps
( on October 16, 2014)

w7.jpg?02030902In this final module, you will reflect on your learning, growth and changes during this course. Through a set of powerful and evocative exercises, you will deepen your understanding of your most essential core gifts, and chart the next steps in your own intimacy journey.

You will:

  • Find new ways to express your intimacy gifts and how to negotiate the wounds and challenges that surround them
  • Share with other class members the core gifts you have seen in them
  • Receive guidance from your own truest Self – and your loved ones – to help you take concrete next steps in your deeper path to love
  • Identify sources of support for your deeper journey into intimacy now that the course is ending


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