Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Secrets


Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Secrets

Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Secrets


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Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Secrets

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Sherm Cohen – Storyboard Secrets

Learn How to Storyboard from Disney and SpongeBob Storyboard Artist Sherm Cohen

How can you do what you love and make a great living at the same time?

Be a Storyboard Artist!

Even though jobs are quickly vanishing for traditional animators and newspaper/magazine cartoonists, Storyboard artists are in high demand — more than ever!

Even the slickest CG-Animated movie uses hand-drawn storyboards. Look at any of the “Art of…” books about Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and Disney movies and you’ll see that storyboards are still drawn like they’ve always been…

And that just for starters — As special-effects-driven blockbusters continue to dominate the box-office, storyboard artists are constantly needed to provide the “blueprints” and pre-visualization art those movies require. Action movies, video games, TV series and even commercials are hiring storyboard artists every day.

And You Already Have Half of What You Need

You already know how to draw, but the specific storytelling strategies, technical requirements and the specific challenges of the storyboarding format remain a mystery.Do you know how to do a hook-up? When to use a truck-out? an x-dissolve, a banana-pan or how to avoid a jump-cut?

I had never even heard of those things when I started — In these days of tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, on-the-job training doesn’t even exist anymore. When the studios need a storyboard artist, they don’t have the time or resources for training; they want someone that demonstrate today that they’ll hit the ground running and start pumping out killer storyboards from the first day on the job…

…Are You READY To
Grab That Opportunity?

You will be when you discover Sherm Cohen’s

And You Can Get Started TODAY…

To get you moving on the right road,
you’ll have instant access to the full Storyboard Secrets 10-DVD Course…
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