Selina Johnson – The Ultimate Delegation System


Selina Johnson – The Ultimate Delegation System

Selina Johnson – The Ultimate Delegation System


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Selina Johnson – The Ultimate Delegation System

Finally, The Ultimate Delegation System That

Wins You Back 5+ Hours Per Week FAST And Makes Your Team Take The Ownership With Ease

Stop Being The Bottleneck In Your Business And

Master Delegation Like A PRO… In Just ONE AFTERNOON!

TRUSTED by 500+ Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Across 145 Niches Around The World

From The Desk Of: Selina Johnson

AKA The Freedom Fixer

London, UK
Dear Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,
I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to waste it with fluffery.
As an ambitious achiever who’s committed to growing and scaling your business, you already know that you won’t get there on your own.

This Is A Real Problem.

The moment your business shows the first sign of success, you’ll start to hear this:
“Outsource those time-sapping tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius.”
“Hire a new team member.”
“Delegate as much as possible.”
Trouble is, no one actually tells you WHAT to delegate or HOW to do it. 😕
So you end up spending hours training your team only to spend even more hours fixing their mistakes. (Yikes.)
It’s NOT saving you time. And it’s costing you money.
You’re left feeling frustrated, exhausted, and burnt out.
And when you do ask for help, the typical advice you hear is always the same:
“Hire.” 🤯
Something is missing. But you don’t know what.

The SAD Irony…

Not only that, the thought of training a VA or a new team member to do things your way, and organising WHAT and HOW to delegate, is way too overwhelming.
And even when you hire your new promising “superstar”, how are you going to manage them effectively without feeling like they’re constantly chasing you (or vice versa!).
The most common mistake I see being made by successful entrepreneurs, like you, is assuming that delegating, outsourcing and managing a team is going to take more time, energy and stress than it’s worth.
The irony is that you’re TOO BUSY to set up the systems that your business is crying out for.
We’re going to put an end to all of this, right here and now without wasting any more time.

The FREEDOM Shortcut That Took Me 16 Years To Perfect…

YES, your heard it right!
There’s actually a dynamite strategy that you and your team canimplement TODAY.
Systems, processes, automations and templates can be implemented into your business right now, making delegation super easy. 😃
These are the EXACT systems, processes and automations I’ve developed over the past 16 years, to transform incredible businesses owners, just like you, from Overwhelmed Chief “Everything” Officers into Confident BUSINESS OWNERS.🔥
I’m talking about the systems I’ve used for Dame Zaha Hadid, Dame Julia Peyton-Jones and Shaa Wasmund MBE.


THE FIRST of its kind to use PROVEN strategy, templates, checklists, workflows and systems that supports both you AND your team, which can be implemented today
WITHOUT the overwhelm.


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