Sarah Phillipps – Finding Time Home & Children


Sarah Phillipps – Finding Time Home & Children

Sarah Phillipps – Finding Time Home & Children

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Sarah Phillipps – Finding Time Home & Children

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Sarah Phillipps – Finding Time Home & Children

Whether you are just wanting your house to be more organized or are homeschooling thirteen kids, Finding Time: Home and Children can show you how to make your home more than just a dumping ground that overwhelms you to think about.

By cutting clutter in home, meals and schedules the whole family can find

  • Time to rest
  • Time to be creative
  • More quality time to connect with each other

“If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.”

~Emily Dickinson

In just one sitting, this power packed mini course* can you get up to speed on how to

  • Protect your own health first
  • Write up a harmonious daily schedule for everyone in the house
  • Bring your children into the work of the household with chores and rewards
  • Write one, final meal plan (ours latest us for seven years, before it needed to be updated!)
  • Shop once a month for groceries from a master list
  • Declutter and organize everything from drawers to calendars
  • Keep the kids motivated and on track
  • Feel empowered and peaceful throughout the day

*Note- these 6 classes are taken directly from the Finding Time to Hold Dearly course.



flying by the seat of your pants with meals and grocery shopping

being perpetually behind with laundry and dishes

always being on the run

feeling like you are doing all the work, while the kids run wild

Course Curriculum

Home & Children

  • Your Oxygen Mask (11:00)
  • Your Activities List (18:18)
  • Kids Incorporated (25:20)
  • Graduating From Meal Planning (15:06)
  • Once a Month Grocery Shopping (13:25)
  • Set Your House Up For Success (23:03)


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