Ryan Hall – The Open Elbow [MKV][DVDRip]

Ryan Hall – The Open Elbow [MKV][DVDRip]

Ryan Hall – The Open Elbow [MKV][DVDRip]


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Ryan Hall – The Open Elbow [MKV][DVDRip]

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Ryan Hall – The Open Elbow [MKV][DVDRip]

New from World Martial arts, Ryan Hall is back with another incredible Jiu-Jitsu series, The Open Elbow!


This powerful move is based on a simple, yet highly effective Jiu-Jitsu concept: the further you move your opponent’s elbows away from his body, the weaker his defenses will be. Understanding how to capitalize on this unique position will quickly increase your ability to get submissions and control and dominate your opponents.


Ryan Hall teaches all of the fundamental details needed to be successful and on Volume 1 he covers theory, structure and Open Elbow entries from all of the important positions of Jiu-Jitsu.


On Volumes 2 & 3, Ryan uses the Open Elbow to put a new spin on the Kimura the Omoplata, making these positions far more effective then you ever thought possible! The Open Elbow concept can be used from all positions, offensive or defense and is equally effective for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, NoGi grappling and MMA!


This 3 DVD set spans over 4.5 hours of instruction with 55 incredible Open Elbow techniques shown in the same methodical teaching style that has made Ryan Halls previous Jiu-Jitsu DVD sets world famous! This is another World Martial Arts exclusive!


VOLUME 1: Science of the Open Elbow


  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Open Elbow?
  3. Concept: Strength
  4. Concept: Leverage
  5. Concept: Path to the Back
  6. Concept: Submissions
  7. Concept: Escapes
  8. Concept: Expanding
  9. Concept: Pinning
  10. Strategy: Seated Guard
  11. Strategy: Half Guard 1
  12. Strategy: Half Guard 2
  13. Strategy: Half Guard 3
  14. Strategy: Side Control 1
  15. Strategy: Side Control 2
  16. Strategy: The Mount


VOLUME 2: The Kimura


  1. The Kimura Position
  2. Proper Kimura Grip
  3. Elbow Control
  4. Breaking the Grip
  5. Finishing the Kimura
  6. Body Structure
  7. Side Control Kimura
  8. Half Guard Kimura
  9. Backside Half Guard Kimura
  10. Kimura Defense to Deep Half
  11. Kimura to Ezekiel
  12. Kimura to Arm Triangle
  13. Kimura to the Back
  14. Kimura to Armlock
  15. Kimura to Reverse Triangle
  16. Seated Guard Kimura
  17. Guillotine to Kimura
  18. Crucifix to Reverse Triangle
  19. Transition Drill


VOLUME 3: The Omoplata


  1. The Bottom Position Open Elbow
  2. Strategy: Forcing a Post
  3. Strategy: Laying a Trap
  4. Strategy: Prying
  5. The Omoplata Position
  6. Leverage and the Omoplata
  7. Omoplata Entry: The Thread
  8. Omoplata Entry: The Slap
  9. Sweeping: Forward, Backward, & Sideways
  10. Finishing: Lock Far Shoulder & Double Roll
  11. Finishing: Far Leg & Arm Hook
  12. Seated Guard Duck to Back
  13. The Brabo
  14. The Hippoplatamus
  15. The Hippoplatamus to Top of Turtle
  16. The Open Guard Hippoplatamus
  17. Turtle Duck to Back
  18. Turtle Duck to Double Leg
  19. Roll Under Single Leg
  20. Drills: Omoplata and Kimura Connection


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