Ryan Hall 50/50 Triangle (Correct Files)

Ryan Hall 50/50 Triangle (Correct Files)

Ryan Hall 50/50 Triangle (Correct Files)


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Ryan Hall 50/50 Triangle (Correct Files)

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Ryan Hall 50/50 Triangle (Correct Files)

With over 200 triangle submissions in competition, Ryan Hall has proven himself to be one of the most successful and influential competitors using the triangle today. His unique and practical approach to teaching the triangle has gained him world-wide recognition as one of the leading teachers on the subject. This new DVD series by Ryan Hall breaks wide open the secrets of his Triangle success with over 4 hours of step by step instruction and nearly 50 techniques. This is another World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: The Triangle As A Position


  1. Introduction (Posture Is Everything)
  2. Proper Locking Technique
  3. Securing The Perpendicular Angle
  4. Finishing The Choke: Stomp And Curl
  5. Structure And Force Principles Explained
  6. Managing Distance And Angle
  7. Quick Review
  8. Alternative Configuration #1: The Switch Figure.Four
  9. Alternative Configuration #2: The Reverse Triangle
  10. Alternative Reverse Triangle Attacks
  11. Defeating the Roger Gracie Defense
  12. Skill Drill #1: Hip Explosion Drill
  13. Skill Drill #2: Standard/Switch/Reverse Triangle Flow Drill
  14. Posture/Pressure/Rotation Recognition Drill
  15. Alternative Finishes #1: Punch In Neck and Karate Chop
  16. Alternative Finishes #2: Trapped Arm Keylock And Armlock
  17. Alternative Finishes #3: Trapped Arm Wristlock
  18. Alternative Finishes #4: Off-Arm Crush And Kimura
  19. Alternative Finishes #5: The Oma Plata


VOLUME 2: Angles, Mechanics, And Entries


1- Explanation Of Fifty/50 BJJ Triangle Methodology

  1. The Importance Of Angles
  2. Posture Breaks And Angle Maintenance #1: Double Swim Inside, 2-on-1
  3. Posture Breaks And Angle Maintenance #2: The Hinge Principle
  4. Skill Drill: Posture And Angle Control
  5. Closed Guard: Tap.Through Triangle
  6. Closed Guard: Tap Through Triangle (Cont.)
  7. Closed Guard: Kick-Through Triangle
  8. Closed Guard: Shin Smash Triangle
  9. Closed Guard: Hip Bump Triangle
  10. Closed Guard: Flower Sweep Triangle
  11. Closed Guard: Armlock To Triangle
  12. Closed Guard: Oma Plata To Triangle
  13. Closed Guard: Guillotine To Triangle
  14. Closed Guard: Kimura To Triangle
  15. Half Guard: Overhook To Triangle
  16. Half Guard: Granby Underneath To Triangle
  17. Half Guard: Armdrag To Triangle


VOLUME 3: Advanced Guard Attacks And Top Control


  1. Sitting Guard: Kick Through Triangle
  2. Inverted Guard: Standard Triangle
  3. Inverted Guard: Reverse Triangle
  4. Inverted Guard: Against Standing Opponent
  5. Back Control To Triangle
  6. Back Control To Reverse Triangle
  7. Mounted Triangle
  8. Side Control Triangle
  9. Knee-On-Belly Triangle
  10. Reverse Knee-On-Belly Triangle
  11. Modified Flying Triangle From Open Guard Top


Watch Ryan Hall dominate his opponent using The Triangle Guard in competition:


World Martial Arts once again delivers the goods with the most highly anticipated DVD series in years, the 50/50 guard with Ryan Hall! This new guard position is so effective and dangerous to its unsuspecting opponent’s, that many competitions are now considering banning it all together! Ryan Hall, one of the most active and successful Jiu-Jitsu competitors in the world has used this amazing position to defeat more opponents then anyone including Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, UFC fighters and more. Ryan’s detail and instruction on the 50/50 guard is so clear and organized that beginners and advanced students alike will be able to easily learn how to obtain and finish from this position. Ryan brings his many years of using this position to DVD by covering many common mistakes, details on control and theory and countless ways to finish. This is a typical WMA production that covers even the smallest details and follows an effective progression to master this devastating position.

  • How to get the 50/50 guard from any position!
  • How to control even the toughest opponents attempts to counter and escape the 50/50!
  • How to finish your opponent within the 50/50 every time!
  • How to escape and pass an opponent using the 50/50 against you!
  • Important flow drills to make the position so smooth your opponents will never see it coming.
  • Positions are shown so they can be used for Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling or even MMA!
  • And much, much more!


VOLUME 1: 50/50 Illuminated


  1. 50/50 Fundamentals
  2. Proper Limb Positioning
  3. Controlling The Trapped Knee
  4. Foot Fighting For Protection
  5. Hand Fighting For Protection and Flow Drill
  6. Splitting The Opponent’s Crossed Feet
  7. Defeating The Deep Triangle
  8. Hand Fighting In The Split
  9. Finishing The 50/50 Heel Hook
  10. Alternative Heel Hook Grip #1: The Kimura
  11. Alternative Heel Hook Grip #2: The Mata Leao
  12. Forcing A Bend In The Leg
  13. Alternative Finish #1: The Off-Leg Heel Hook
  14. Alternative Finish #2: The Texas Clover Leaf
  15. Alternative Finish #3: The Off-Leg Toe Hold
  16. Alternative Finish #4: The Brabo Choke
  17. Situation #1: Opponent Pressures Aggressively
  18. Situation #2: Defeating The Can Opener Neck Crank
  19. Situation #3: Opponent Stands
  20. Situation #4: The 50/50 Reset

VOLUME 2: Transitions, Skill Drills, and Entries


  1. Transition #1: Straight Ankle Lock To 50/50
  2. Transition #2: Reverse Heel Hook To 50/50
  3. Transition #3: Kneebar To 50/50
  4. Transition #4: Calf Slice To 50/50
  5. Skill Drill #1: Seated Straight Ankle Leg Switch
  6. Skill Drill #2: Standing Straight Ankle Leg Switch
  7. Skill Drill #3: Reverse Heel Hook to 50/50 Flow
  8. Deep Half Guard: Thread The Needle To 50/50
  9. Deep Half Guard: Backdoor Spin to 50/50
  10. Deep Half Guard: Waiter Sweep to 50/50
  11. X-Guard: Near Side
  12. X-Guard: Far Leg Scissor
  13. Sitting Guard: 360° Granby On Kneeling Opponent
  14. Sitting Guard: Armdrag to 360° Granby On Standing Opponent
  15. Standing Footlock to 50/50
  16. Knee Slice Pass: Kneebar Bypass To 50/50
  17. Knee Slice Pass: Reverse Heel Hook To 50/50
  18. Leg Drag Pass: Direct 50/50 Entry
  19. 50/50 Defense To Kneebar Attack
  20. Standing: Ashikan Judan
  21. Standing: Toquinho
  22. Situation #1: Defending The Bull Fighter Pass
  23. Situation #2: Defending The Knee Slice Pass

VOLUME 3: Volume 3: Progressing Position, In-Depth Entries, And Advanced Finishing


  1. Passing: Leg Retraction
  2. Passing: Step-Over
  3. Passing: Step-Over To Mount
  4. Passing: Step-Over To The Back
  5. Disentangling: Stand Out To Open Guard Top
  6. Disentangling: Stand Out To Pass
  7. De La Riva Guard: Granby To Far Leg 50/50
  8. Inverted Guard: Kneebar Bypass To 50/50
  9. Inverted Guard: Outside Leg Lasso
  10. Inverted Guard: Salvaging A Missed Attack
  11. Inverted Guard: Calf Slice To 50/50 Off Opponent’s Defense
  12. Back Attack to 50/50
  13. X-Guard Top To 50/50
  14. Oma Plata To 50/50
  15. Sitting Guard: Leg Drag To 50/50
  16. Open Guard: Frazatto
  17. Advanced Heel Hook Finishing


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