R. Paul Wilson – Killers


R. Paul Wilson – Killers

R. Paul Wilson – Killers


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R. Paul Wilson – Killers

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R. Paul Wilson – Killers

“I consider R. Paul Wilson the best when it come to really thinking out effects. His sleight of hand and subtle thinking in all categories of magic is unequaled. This DVD will be a treasure.” – Dean Dill

Imagine borrowing a shuffled deck and finding any named card at any thought-of number or dealing four queens, four kings, four aces and any other named value from that same shuffled deck.

Imagine being able to perform Sympathetic Cards with any deck (no gaffed cards!) or giving a deck to anyone and turning them into an expert card cheat.

Imagine making a thought of card vanish and appear in the card box or four people creating an unforgettable coincidence – all with ANY deck of cards.

Now imagine doing all of this without the need for difficult sleight of hand!

Killers is a collection of R. Paul Wilson’s finest self-working and semi-automatic effects with cards. These routines have been developed over three decades and are designed to completely baffle and entertain both laymen and magicians without the need for difficult sleight of hand.

This is not just another collection of card tricks. It is a series of in-depth one-to-one lessons revealing every detail of the method and how to convey the effect for the strongest possible reactions. Killers is a course in powerhouse card magic – personal tuition on turning simple processes into unforgettable magic.

*Killers will teach you how to understand each effect and elevate it
to the seemingly miraculous. All you need is a deck of cards.


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