Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint


Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint

Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint

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$297.00 $60.00

Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint

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Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Freelance Writing Business

Building a business, traditional, digital, freelance, or otherwise cannot be done with one action and an hour a day.

This course holds your hand whilst walking you through a step-by-step method to building a freelance business that will eventually put your client acquisition on auto-pilot.

It’s the process I’ve used to grow my freelance writing business to the six-figure level, not once, but twice. Once when starting out, once when returning from an illness which destroyed everything I’d built.

It’s a simple to follow, step-by-step method which is a blueprint for freelance success.

If you’ve wanted to grow your own freelance business, or are struggling to escape the bidding sites and bottom barrel clients, sign up today.

You’ll see tangible, profitable results within a few months and you’ll have a rinse and repeat framework that will help you continually grow your business.

Not to mention a couple of other freebies thrown into the mix:

– Upgrades including expert interviews and more downloadables

– Full access to our private Facebook group to network with and benefit from the experience of other writers

– Be the first notified of major upgrades and new courses including videos and advanced growth strategies

The course might cost $300, but if current students are anything to go by, you’ll at least triple that investment within 3 months and grow to earn a steady, high earning income within 6 months to a year.

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Class Curriculum



My Story

Common Freelancing Myths

Managing Your Confidence

Setting Up for Success


Finding Your Perfect Niche and Unique Angle

Setting Up Your Website

Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts

Building a Social Media Following

Contracts and Invoices

Figuring Out Your Income Goals

How to Set Your Rates

Building Successful Habits

Building a Solid Foundation


The Right Kind of Content

The Secret to Engaging Content

Practical Writing Advice

Putting Pen to Paper (FINALLY!)

Publication Day!

OPTIONAL – Service Specific Content Clips

Do Not Stop

Building Authority and Your Reputation


The Basics of Guest Posting

Guest Post Plan of Attack

Effective Guest Post Pitching

Leveraging Everything You’ve Published on Social Media

Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Presence

How to Write Viral LinkedIn Posts

Reaching Out to Potential Clients


Building Your Outreach List

Reaching Out to Cold Leads

Social Media Outreach

What Makes a Good Client?

Nurturing Warm Leads

Oversell Your Services

Closing the Deal

Maintaining and Growing a Profitable Business



Ongoing Education

Dropping Shitty Clients

Negotiating Raises

How to Continue Growing

Get Pete Boyle – Freelance Business Blueprint right now!
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