Paul Schreiner: Precise Pressure Passing (720p)

Paul Schreiner: Precise Pressure Passing (720p)

Paul Schreiner: Precise Pressure Passing (720p)


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Paul Schreiner: Precise Pressure Passing (720p)

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Paul Schreiner: Precise Pressure Passing (720p)

Description Touted as one of the best kept secrets in Jiu Jitsu, Claudio Franca BB Paul Schreiner is one of the most prolific instructors in the United States. Now, largely responsible for cultivating the deep talent pool at the famed Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York, Paul reveals his highly effective pressure passing system to the Digitsu audience. His highly analytical approach to teaching will provide you with game changing strategies. Don’t Miss Out!


Techniques Included:


Closed Guard Passing Principles

Half Guard Knee Slice

Layers Of Half Guard Defense

Shoulder Pressure Principles

Twisting Half Guard Pass

Twisting Half Guard Pass – Using Neck Control

Vs Deep Half

Vs Lock Down

Passing 1/2 Butterfly

Passing 1/2 Butterfly – 2

Passing 1/2 Butterfly – Folding Pass

Passing 1/2 Butterfly – Knee Slice

Passing 1/2 Butterfly – Reverse Underhook

Passing 1/2 Butterfly – Jumping Leg Drag

Butterfly Pass

Butterfly Pass – 2

Butterfly Pass – 3

Butterfly – Folding Pass

Preventing One Leg-X

Negating Shin-To-Shin Guard

Passing One Leg-X


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