NICABM – How to Overcome Obstacles to Mindfulness


NICABM – How to Overcome Obstacles to Mindfulness

NICABM – How to Overcome Obstacles to Mindfulness


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NICABM – How to Overcome Obstacles to Mindfulness

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It Doesn’t Matter How Great Mindfulness Is If You Can’t Get Your Patients to Try It

Learn How to Get Anyone Eager to Use Mindfulness with Expert Strategies That Work with Even the Busiest and Most Skeptical Patients

Do you have patients who are:

  • Too busy to try mindfulness?
  • Skeptical?
  • Unmotivated?
  • Unable or unwilling to sit still long enough?

There once was a super busy executive who was under such intense pressure that he’d lost all sense of meaning and purpose.

He was miserable . . .

. . . his stress got so severe that he could barely manage his job . . . and nothing he tried helped.

So his therapist introduced a mindfulness intervention. But it wasn’t working – the executive would try it, keep it up for a few days, but then fall off the wagon.

What if you could introduce mindfulness to your patients in a way that got past their resistance and overcame their obstacles to meditation?

Symptom Check-In Question with Red Pen

In a recent survey, you told us that getting patients to try mindfulness was a big challenge. Patients don’t understand it or think it’s too weird. They don’t realize the benefits. They don’t have enough time. Or they simply think they can’t sit still long enough to do it.

You also told us you wished you knew how to approach different kinds of patients with mindfulness – men and women, children and adolescents.

Do you have any patients like that? Patients who could transform their lives with mindfulness meditation if only they’d give it a try?

Maybe it’s not that your patients are too busy – maybe they believe mindfulness is boring, or they’re turned off because they associate it only with the New Age movement, or maybe they just want you to give them a pill.

So how did this therapist get around the barriers? He tried a surprising approach. Nothing drastic – just one practice.

When the businessman saw that this was actually giving him skills that improved his day, he went on to embrace more mindfulness practices.

Now, for the first time in years, he’s dramatically reduced his stress level, he’s reconnected to what actually matters, and it’s transformed his life.

Rock Climber Reaching Success

Over and over again, practitioners have told us that, in addition to the deep truths of mindfulness, they want help getting it into people’s lives. They want to know how to:

  • Introduce Mindfulness to Any Client (What to Say, and How to Say It)
  • Motivate Different Types of Patients with Easy, Quick, and Effective Techniques
  • Help Patients Stick with It to Sustain Mindfulness Over the Long Haul
  • Help Busy Clients Find Time for Mindfulness

Here’s what you’ll get . . .

Check mark 4 downloadable videos to watch each session at a time that’s convenient for you
Check mark 4 downloadable audios for listening on the go
Check mark 4 professionally formatted transcripts – one of each session
Check mark 8 expert snapshot videos with leading mindfulness teachers
Check mark 8 audios of the expert snapshot sessions
Check mark 5 BONUS practice-oriented how-to guides to print, study, or share with your patients

The benefits of mindfulness are too important to miss. Don’t buy into your patient’s obstacles.

There are ways around all the challenges you face – and we’re going to show you how. Marsha and Elisha will explain how to subtract a lot of the struggle and frustration out of the mindfulness equation to get even your most resistant patients on board.

Their methods are effective and easy.

It’s all within your reach. You’ll be able to help your patients find greater emotional resilience, increased empathy, improved creativity, and – most importantly – health and happiness.

Biker on Long Road Riding to Success

We’ll show you how to overcome the challenges.

Get yourself and your patients to the next level of mindfulness by learning the practical essentials to overcoming resistance and creating valuable lifelong habits.


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