Neil Patel – Advanced SEO Summit 2017 21Gb Of Content

Neil Patel – Advanced SEO Summit 2017 21Gb Of Content

Neil Patel – Advanced SEO Summit 2017 21Gb Of Content

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Neil Patel – Advanced SEO Summit 2017 21Gb Of Content





Neil Patel – Advanced SEO Summit 2017 21Gb Of Content

If you upgrade to the lifetime pass now, you can watch over 200 sessions from the top content and growth marketers in the world at your leisure. For LIFE.

Lifetime access to 200+ expert session videos ($4,997 Value)

Meet valuable business connections through our exclusive networking platform.

30% discount to two major live growth events
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Now it’s time for some Content Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of getting zero results with content marketing? You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, you can do a lot of work, and often times get no results.

That’s why I decided to bring together the top 30 content marketers in the world who know how to create content with the winning formula that drives leads and sales.

Want to know how to do it too? The sessions in this summit will break it down for you step by step.

At the summit, you’ll get actionable only sessions that quickly show you how to consistently create and promote high quality content.

You may have read my content on my blog before, and wondered how I get so many readers. Well, I’m going to walk you through the process in my keynote session at the summit.

I also have a lot of friends with very successful online businesses that drive thousands of leads and sales every month through content marketing. I’m inviting them to come share their secrets and teach you how you can do it to.

I will also be doing an hour long Q&A specifically around what people in the audience can do to improve their content strategy.

The Content Marketing Summit Will Teach You Step By Step How To Drive More Leads And Sales With Content

Everyone knows that content marketing works, but not everyone knows how to get ROI with content marketing.

In this summit, you’ll find out how to create good ideas for content, Everyone knows they should be doing content marketing, but not everyone knows how to do it successfully. In this workshop, you’ll find out how to come up with content ideas, create it and get it seen by large audience. The sessions will take you into how to use content for SEO and traffic generation.

We will have practical hands-on workshops that will teach you step by step how to use the best content marketing tactics that are working right now.

There won’t be any theory or room for fluff in the summit. You will leave this summit with a complete content marketing plan, whether you are a content marketing manager or a solopreneur.

Ordinarily, any face time with these big-name marketers would cost you a pretty penny, but I have shared with them my passion for content marketing and in return, they’ve agreed to share their strategies for one awesome summit.

It’s literally an experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else as this information is usually segmented in different speeches and appearances.

How To Hack This Pass And Get Every Cent Of ROI…

1. Take advantage of the all-access pass NOW before the price goes up.

This is your only chance to get the pass at a great low price with DIY hacks that will increase your revenue even quicker.

Then, you’ll be ready to grow your leads and sales even more.

You’ve probably done a free trial for premium software before, right?

This is the same basic idea. The hack is to buy now, so you’ll get to keep all of the training, on demand, forever.

2. Identify the areas where you need the most help.

Maximize your learning by implementing the content marketing strategy that will be most useful to your specific marketing needs.
Don’t go into it without preparing. That’s a rookie mistake.

This is not “sit back and enjoy” content. We’re not Netflix. We’re implementing growth hacks in a technical fashion here, so you need to be actively engaged and ready to learn.

Action Item: Make a list of strategies you’re interested in implement before you even start.

3. Read up on the speaker’s content and connect with them.

You won’t want to be researching strategies or terms during the live event. Many of the content marketing strategies in the summit are advanced with the speaker jumping into technical parts right from the beginning.

By being up to speed before it starts, you’ll be able to be fully engaged with the speaker’s content and able to ask questions in real time.

Note: You will have the opportunity to get live help during the sessions.

4. Implement the tactics during the live sessions.

You’ll have time to ask questions and implement the content marketing strategy as they are taught. If you’ve got everything prepped and on your screen, you can work right alongside the presenter in real time. This is what the best marketers and students do.

There will a lot of strategies you will want to implement. Think about all your marketing channels and try to do most of the work during the session when the instructor is available.

5. Use the content marketing strategies to shortcut your learning curve in new channels.

If you want to start a new channel, only watch those sessions after you have the channel set up. If your Google Analytics & content roadmap is organized before you start, you can implement solutions quickly.

If you run a team remotely, make sure your marketing and content people have all access passes to the library.

How to Implement What You Learn At The Content Marketing Summit

If you have ever spent money on a conference, you know the pros and cons. You meet great people, but there’s always the risk of not coming away with enough return on your investment in the program.

With our summit, there are no travel or hotel expenses. There’s no presentation schedule to worry about.

In collaboration with our partners, I’m giving away a huge curated video library. And our lifetime pass lets you watch whenever you want after the event is over.

Our goal is to bring the most valuable, actionable strategy to help you start growing your business immediately with content marketing strategies that you’ve never heard before.

If you purchase the all access pass today, you’ll have all of this information on hand whenever you need it.

I’m also including a bunch of other content and discounts with the all-access pass to make this an easy investment choice for you to make.

You’ll learn how to:

  • How to Create Content that People Actually Search For
  • How to Make Your Content Marketing Impossible for Competitors to Copy
  • How to Create a Content Marketing System That Runs on Autopilot
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Producing a 3,000-Word Article on Any Topic
  • Move Over Content Marketing: How Tools Create a Better ROI
  • 6 Neuromarketing Hacks for Maximum Content Impact
  • 11 Advanced Techniques for Repurposing Old Content
  • How to Measure the Results of Your Content Marketing
  • 5 Content Marketing Tactics for Picking Topics and Setting Goals
  • 8 Content Marketing Tricks That Helped Dollar Shave Club Go Viral
  • Content Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide


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