Mikey Musumeci – Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes

Mikey Musumeci – Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes

Mikey Musumeci – Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes


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Mikey Musumeci – Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes

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Mikey Musumeci – Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes

Learn From The Greatest American Jiu Jitsu Practitioner Of All Time


* Transform your guard to levels you never thought possible

* Understand guard retention like never before

* Never have your guard passed again in training or competition

* Learn to take everyones back while using no strength

* Great teaching and easy for anyone of any skill level, athletic level, age, or gender to learn


Never Have Your Guard Passed Again & Sharpen Up Your Back Takes Like Never Before – Taught By The Most Accomplished American Grappler Of All Time


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport still dominated by Brazilians.  Only 5 times has an American male ever won the world championships and 2 of them, 40% were won by the same guy – Mike Musumeci.


He’s won his last two and added a no gi world title for good measure.  He’s unstoppable and when he’s on the mat he’s like a scientist.  He understands the sport at 22 years old like few ever will and he wants to show you his secrets.


On this instructional, Mikey shows all his best guard tactics, traps, and attacks as he leads you through a guard player masterclass!  Mike, who is not only a genius on the mat but in the classroom as well, has turned Jiu Jitsu into his own laboratory.  He understands that the best way to retain your guard is to learn how to stop every pass!  He will tell you, as if you are there… the tips and tricks to stop every pass.  Once you know how, all you have to do is do it!


Every problem has an answer (at least when it comes to jiu-jitsu). Every time you are on the mat, people are attacking, trying to pass your guard, pressure down and submit you. It’s time to take those attacks and turn them into your own opportunities. You can unlock that potential and turn your guard into a world of traps and bad decisions for the passer.


Mikey Musumeci is the standard when it comes to the innovative and modern style of aggressive guard play, mixed with tricky inversions and submission traps. He’s been crushing opponents on the black belt level with a well-studied and methodical game that is so bulletproof, even those who know what’s coming can’t stop it. That means one thing: the technique he is using is so effective, he’s able to rely on it no matter what. Mikey has used this knowledge to win at the highest levels of BJJ, with gold medals at Worlds, Pan Ams, and Abu Dhabi Pro.  He wants to transfer this knowledge to you.


With years of knowledge under great professors like the Mendes brothers and Caio Terraand with first hand experience forged in competition, Mikey is ready to show you the to you the tools he has used to never have his guard passed at the world championships..  With this set, you can learn how he approaches his guard game, and how he uses his opponent’s own passes against them with his power switch system. You are going to learn how to counter these common attacks, and you’re going to hear how Mikey baits these attacks, and gauges and “feels out” an opponent. By combining technique with mindset and strategy, Mikey makes this a can’t miss series.


Genius Back Takes


There is no better position in grappling than taking control of a person’s back, and no position that is more important to get to. With razor skill, Mikey is one of the best ever when it comes to finding the back, so much so that he pulls it off against other world champions. As a master and innovator in taking the back, there’s no one better to learn from as Mikey shows off variation after variation that he uses to roll and find his back control.


With every major modern pass covered, Mikey turns this into an encyclopedia for modern guard players. With detailed explanation, you’ll learn how to counter everything from knee slides and pressure passes, to torreando and x passes. In every position, you’ll get the simple adjustments Mikey makes to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Over 4 volumes, you’ll be getting an answer to every problem that you are going to see in the gym or in competition.


So What’s On This Series?


Turn Every Pass Into An Opportunity


-Mikey starts his series with some detailed advice on dealing with one of grappling’s most common passes, the knee cut. With a detailed, technical eye, you’ll see Mikey start to introduce his power guard switching system that lets him flow and move, always exploiting his opponent’s choices to create even better opportunities. See the precise grips he is using, the hooks he relies on, and what he is thinking as he stays one step ahead. Once you are able to turn that knee cut into your own guard motion, Mikey brings you through some of his favorite counters to over/under passes, one of the most problematic attacks against a guard player like Musumeci. Mikey’s thought process is the same, as he applies his guard retention system and gives variation after variation that lead to better positions and submission opportunities. No matter the pass, Mikey is able to get back what’s important; using his frames and hooks to flow into a better


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