Martial Art Of Muay Thai With Andre Zeitoun

Martial Art Of Muay Thai With Andre Zeitoun

Martial Art Of Muay Thai With Andre Zeitoun


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Martial Art Of Muay Thai With Andre Zeitoun

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Martial Art Of Muay Thai With Andre Zeitoun

The Crossed Sides Conspectus


What is a Conspectus?


A conspectus fits the series perfectly. In this four-video course, Matt gives an overview of the must-know details from cross sides top. In it, he describes how to use weight, pressure, and proper hand placement.


This allows students to practice escapes under the proper circumstances and develop good habits that can benefit both beginners and experts alike (as well as everyone in between).


Video 1 – 27 Mins


This video covers:


Getting heavy. You’ll learn to use all our weight in order to make yourself feel so heavy that your opponent will want to tap fro the pressure alone. You’ll also learn where to focus tha weight so they stay pinned.

Escaping from underneath someone who is using all of their weight, and why a proper underhook is better called a “shoulder escape”.

Connecting before you apply pressure in the quarters position in order to drastically increase your takedown success rate.

Achieving an underhook and staying closely attached to someone who is heavy.

A method of bridging safely.

The fundamentals of the “iron-pillow” position.

The way in which the principle of connection can immediately help you escape with twice the movement otherwise achievable with a poor connection.


Video 2 – 25 Mins


This video covers:


Executing a proper “shoulder of justice”, one that will have your partner either tapping or passing out.

Countering the “Shoulder of Justice”, even when it’s fully locked in.

Preventing yourself from being mounted while in cross sides bottom.

Shutting down frames against your neck when on top.

Executing a step-over armbar in a way that makes it far harder for your opponent to counter.

Escaping a tight step-over armbar by controlling the space.

Getting very heavy on your opponent in the modified heard and arm position.

A Q&A and discussion of how some of the material an concepts are getting lost.


Video 3 – 19 Mins


This video covers:


Escape thee heavy, modified heard and arm position.

Defend on bottom with one simple principle regarding “inside space”.

Collapse frames when on top.

Using your weight to drain your opponent’s energy and wear them out.

Properly using the reverse underhook.

Escaping bottom positions even when your opponent has your chest and shoulder smothered.

The importance of the shoulder walk.

Defending against the reverse underhook.


Video 4 – 18 Mins


This video covers:


Escaping cross sides when your opponent is facing your legs.

How the principle of connection will transform your underhook.

Defending against a fully locked in kimura from cross sides bottom.

Countering the d’arce choke using one simple hand movement.

Using connection to escape mount through controlling your opponent’s base.


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