Lucas Aoun – Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Nootropics


Lucas Aoun – Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Nootropics

Lucas Aoun – Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Nootropics


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Lucas Aoun – Becoming SUPERHUMAN with Nootropics

Learn how to use herbs, supplements, nootropics and research compounds to take control of your personality and cognition.

Why I’m doing this Masterclass


CEO/Founder of Ergogenic Health

Having acquired insane amounts of research and knowledge in the realm of nootropics, I decided to showcase my knowledge by putting together this course.

When I say nootropics is my passion, I mean it! I literally wake up every morning, and the first thing that I check is my PUBMED notifications (yes- I’m a bit of a geek) to see new studies and papers published on this very topic.

I also noticed that over the years, as I started publishing more content around the web, such as Reddit, Instagram and some other forums, people were asking me for advice on specific nootropic stacks. Then I realised that people need serious support in this area.

There’s so much confusion in the nootropic/biohacking sphere. My job is to make it simple and easy to understand. To consolidate 1000’s of hours of research into scientifically validated methods you can apply NOW.

Enrol now for instant access to:

End procrastination

Decrease Stress

Feel better every single day

Bounce back better after the weekend

Increase Your Motivation

Become effortlessly funnier

Supercharge your sex drive



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