Leg Lock Academy

Leg Lock Academy

Leg Lock Academy


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Leg Lock Academy

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Leg Lock Academy

The Leg Lock Academy ft. Alan Belcher, Nathan Orchard, Brandon McCaghren, and Mike Sanford.


Uploader note: This release suffers from technical issues.  They thought it was a brilliant idea to wear shirt mics for a grappling DVD.  There are some sections of highly distorted audio.  Just be aware.


Overall I was personally disappointed with this release.  I hope that you all find more utility from it than I did.


What You Will Learn Inside Leg Lock Academy

Module 1: The Basics

Module 2: Advanced Finishes

Module 3: Ashi Garami

Module 4: Double Outside Ashi

Module 5: Top Side Ashi

Module 6: The Honey Hole

Module 7: 50/50

Module 8: The Reaper

Module 9: Flows & Drills



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