Kristian Woodmansee- The Omoplata

Kristian Woodmansee- The Omoplata

Kristian Woodmansee- The Omoplata


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Kristian Woodmansee- The Omoplata

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Kristian Woodmansee- The Omoplata

Learn The Ins and Out of Developing a Devastating Omoplata from Atos Black Belt Kristian Woodmansee


Need a New Submission In Your Arsenal? Look No Further, This Instructional Will Refine Your Omoplata Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

This is a very universal position that works for anyone regardless of weight, skill level, size, or athletic level

Although it may seem complex on the surface, it is actually a very simple and easy to implement submission.

Vol 1:




Rubber guard thumb down


Collar sleeve foot on hip


Collar sleeve elbow tuck


Spider foot on hip


Deep lasso roller


Shallow lasso same side dlr


Shallow lasso for bolo


Rdlr sit down


Vol 2:


Transitions Introduction


Head down turtle back take


Knee up posture to leg attack


Step over back take


Step over leg drag


Forward roll control and options


Vol 3:


Finishes Introduction


Arm pit finish


Leg finish


Traditional finish but with lapel


Roll response guillotine


Roll response re omoplata




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