Kezia Noble – The 10 Hook Lead System


Kezia Noble – The 10 Hook Lead System

Kezia Noble – The 10 Hook Lead System

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$147.00 $42.00

Kezia Noble – The 10 Hook Lead System

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Kezia Noble – The 10 Hook Lead System

Product Type CD
Format Type [2 MP3’s] (NEW)
Author Kezia Noble
File Size 212.95 MB

The 10 hook lead system is a unique, practical and highly effective way to help men with the following:

– “Running out of things to say too soon”

– “Stopping them from asking too many questions which only results in making the interaction more like an ‘interrogation’ rather than a natural and fun ‘2 way’ conversation”

– “Helping guys transition from the opening line into a full blown conversation on a RAPID scale”

– “Helping men to READ a woman” (understanding what she is thinking and why she is saying things which do not reflect what she is feeling all the time)


– “Creating conversation patterns which can work in the mans favour”

– “Turning negative moments in to positive outcomes (i.e what to do if the girls does not laugh at your joke-and making it work in your favour)

The 10 hook lead system also gives a powerful and HONEST insight in to the female mind, and as the old saying goes..”knowledge is power”

After the release of the book “15 steps to becoming a master seducer” which explained in great detail how the 10 HOOK LEAD SYSTEM works,there was a huge demand for a DVD format of the system to be released.
The feedback received on this 2 part DVD set, has been unbelievable. The first stock ran out within 4 days of it’s initial release!

The 10 HOOK LEAD SYSTEM is a powerful method anyone can learn, and will take any mans level of success with women to a whole new level.


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