Jonathan Robinson & Douglas Prater – iAwake Technologies – The Near Death Experience


Jonathan Robinson & Douglas Prater – iAwake Technologies – The Near Death Experience

Jonathan Robinson & Douglas Prater – iAwake Technologies – The Near Death Experience


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Jonathan Robinson & Douglas Prater – iAwake Technologies – The Near Death Experience

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Jonathan Robinson & Douglas Prater – iAwake Technologies – The Near Death Experience

What would happen if you died 8 minutes from now? Would you be ready? Would you feel you had accomplished what you were meant to do, loved well, been awake to our world, or would you feel that you have wasted time? The Near Death Experience takes you on a profound and guided journey, infused with iAwake’s consciousness-altering sound technology, to discover what truly matters – now.

We know we could die at any moment, but do we really? Do we live awake to that knowledge and guide our decisions from that place – not out of fear but from this truth?

Research shows that the single most powerful way to transform a person’s life quickly is for them to have a near-death experience. Unfortunately, being close to death is not an easy thing to experience, and if you miscalculate, you end up dead.

The Near Death Experience was developed by Jonathan Robinson after his own near-death experience completely changed his life. After many years of leading personal growth workshops, he wondered if he could create “artificial” near-death experiences for his participants. After years of trying different approaches, he stumbled upon the key ingredients, resulting in powerful meditations experienced by employees in Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and Google.
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Go on this journey with Jonathan to discover or rediscover what really matters in your life, get clear about next steps, release old thoughts, energies, and … wake up!

“I entered a state much like I have occasionally felt in the rare deepest meditations that I have had over the past 21 years. An amazing ‘letting go of feelings happened and something akin to wonder and anticipation of what’s to come happened each time.”  ~ C.G.
The Near Death Experience as Workshop in a Box (00:00:50)
The Near Death Experience  can guide you to:

Live your life’s deepest priorities
Tap into the joy of being alive
Feel deep love and gratitude for the people in your life
Reboot your nervous system
Enjoy a broader, more peaceful perspective
Access your deeper wisdom and love
Overcome blocks to greater happiness
Release long-held resentments and grudges
Gain a clear sense of purpose

“Despite the fact that near-death experiences are often portrayed as mysterious and mystical, working with these tracks is totally straightforward and easy to follow along. Using these tracks was a lot like a session with a life coach – proactive and actionable exercises to clarify priorities and goals. ” ~ Abigail
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This meditation is created by Jonathan Robinson, frequent Oprah Winfrey Show guest speaker, public speaker, and best-selling author of the following books (and more):

Find Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love Into Your Life
More Love, Less Conflict: A Communication Playbook for Couples by Jonathan Robinson
The Technology of Joy: The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight in Your Life
The Little Book of Big Questions: 200 Ways to Explore Your Spiritual Nature
The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Awakening Your Spirituality

Jonathan developed this meditation from a near-death experience he had, triggered by a serious car crash. This experience was deeply transformative and he wondered if there was a way to help others have a similar experience–minus the car crash, injuries and months of recovery.

As a professional speaker, Jonathan gradually developed a 30-minute guided experience that actually worked. It was so profound that Fortune 500 companies ranging from Microsoft and Google to FedEx and Coca-Cola hired him to “induce” this experience in their employees. After going through such an experience, people reported feeling more joy and gratitude for life, more aligned with their values, and a clearer sense of purpose.

“There is something about Jonathan’s delivery, maybe his directness and matter of fact-ness, that made the entire experience seem very safe to me. There was definitely an impression of a guide who’s been through this territory before that was reassuring.”  ~ Greg

The Near Death Experience is supported by iAwake’s entrainment technology developed by Douglas Prater, iAwake Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer and Creative Director. Doug created the soundtrack and targeted frequencies: 10 Hz (alpha), 5 Hz (deep theta), and 7.84 (alpha-theta border, Schumann resonance) to facilitate your journey and the integration of its lessons into your life.


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