John Wayne Parr Locked & Loaded DVD Rip

John Wayne Parr Locked & Loaded DVD Rip

John Wayne Parr Locked & Loaded DVD Rip


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John Wayne Parr Locked & Loaded DVD Rip

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John Wayne Parr Locked & Loaded DVD Rip

Star of The Contender Asia and 5 time Muay Thai World Champion

‘The Gunslinger – John Wayne Parr’ presents Locked and Loaded.


With 100 fights and over 20 years as a professional fighter John Wayne Parr

is one of the world’s best. JWP has released his much anticipated Muay Thai Training DVD’s.


JWP teaches authentic Muay Thai technique from the fundamentals of Muay Thai

to advanced partner drills and 100% power pad work including

punches – elbows – knees – kicks – clinch & grapple – combinations – defend & counter.


The Locked and Loaded series also has some great bonus features including the Wai Kru,

hand wraps for training, strength and conditioning and JWP talks about the meaning of his tattoos.


Locked and Loaded is the most comprehensive series on the market and not only teaches

world title winning technique but also provides an insight into the life and times of

John Wayne Parr through in-depth and insightful interviews.


Find out what makes a champion – inside and out.


Muay Thai Training DVD Contents – Locked & Loaded


Volume One Contents


The fundamentals of Muay Thai. Authentic technique from basic guard and footwork through punch,

elbow, knee and kick combinations. This program includes strength and conditioning exercises and hand wrap technique.


  1. Fundamentals of Muay Thai
  2. Skipping
  3. Strength & Conditioning
  4. Hand Wrap
  5. Outside the Ropes


Volume Two Contents


John Wayne Parr is joined by current World and Australian Muay Thai champions to demonstrate partner drills

and training methods. You’ll learn partner drills that will refine you’re technique and develop your skills.

Also, advice on all the equipment you’ll need and a special feature where Wayne talks about his tattoos.


  1. Partner Drills
  2. Equipment
  3. JWP Tattoos
  4. Outside the Ropes


Volume Three Contents


It’s time to get serious with some intense pad work training. Learn how to strike the pads with 100% power everytime you train.

JWP also talks to us about the Wai Kru, it’s origins and meaning. And if you’ve ever wanted to spar a world champion… now’s your chance…


  1. Padwork
  2. Wai Kru
  3. Spar John Wayne Parr
  4. Outside the Ropes


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