John Danaher – The Front Headlock System


John Danaher – The Front Headlock System

John Danaher – The Front Headlock System

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John Danaher – The Front Headlock System

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John Danaher – The Front Headlock System

If you talked to the one hundred most knowledgeable grapplers in the world and asked them, “Who would you most like to learn grappling from?” ninety-eight, ninety-nine, or maybe even all one hundred of them would give you the same answer: John Danaher. There is just no equal.

“The Front Headlock System” from John Danaher: The Most Sought After Grappling Instructor On The Planet
John helped coach Georges St Pierre and Chris Weidman to UFC World Titles. Garry Tonon has become a 3x ADCC competitor and a grappling Icon
John has guided guys like Eddie Cummings and Gordon Ryan to stardom in a fraction of the time that it would take ordinary people
The Front Headlock system John teaches is excellent for both Gi and No Gi and applicable for Self-Defense
This system will change your perspective on Jiu Jitsu

This system is one of the most innovative and effective systems in grappling. This is one of the key weapons in the arsenal of the Danaher Death Squad. Easy to implement, nearly impossible to stop.
Inside Tie Side to Side Snap Downs

Want to start an argument?  Ask 2 Jiu-Jitsu masters how to do a Guillotine.  All hell could break loose! One guy will say to make sure the arm is in, the other will say to never trap the arm!  Only trap the neck and bring your elbow high over his back… Well John Danaher knows how to do them all, he knows how many arteries you have in your neck, and he knows how to manipulate his own hands, millimeter by millimeter  to choke anyone into unconsciousness. There is knowing how to choke someone and then there is knowing every bit there is to know about choking someone out.

What is John Danaher’s advantage?

Why is he the most sought after Grappling instructor on the planet by a mile?

The answer is simple..  John Danaher not only knows more than anyone else about how to choke someone into unconsciousness, he also knows how to break it down so anyone can learn to be an expert in an almost unthinkably low amount of time.

John Demonstrating the High Elbow on World Champion, Bernardo Faria

Most coaches say it takes a lifetime to master Jiu-Jitsu…

John Danaher says he only needs about 5 years – and he keeps proving that time after time, taking otherwise normal guys and turning them into killers.

John has a lot of famous students:

Georges St. Pierre, Chris Weidman, Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, Nicky Ryan.. he list goes on and on.  But you want to hear something even more remarkable? John’s normal students, guys who are accounatants, fund managers, construction workers and custodians -are killers too.  Anyone can learn John Danaher’s systems, they can master them and become better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than they ever dreamed possible.

In this image you will see John Danaher’s front headlock system on display at the highest levels of competition.  His student, Gordon Ryan is able to solidify head and arm control in the finals of the ADCC against a formidable opponent, Keenan Cornelius.   This was the beginning of the end for Keenan.

Gordon was able to use this head and arm control to isolate the neck and attack a guillotine choke.  This would ultimately be the sequence of events that led to Keenan’s demise.  Gordon was able to submit him by way of guillotine choke in the finals of the ADCC.  A perfect display of the Danaher front head lock system.

This last weekend Gordon Ryan made his black belt debut in an IBJJF tournament at the No-Gi Pan American Championships in New York City.  Although many people doubted Gordon’s ability to adapt to this new rule set that does not allow reaping or heel hooks, Gordon was able to win gold in both his weight division and absolute – submitting all of his opponents.

Gordon was able to implement John Danaher’s front head lock system on numerous occasions.  Although he is famous for his leg locks, Gordon knows this is only one part of his game because his coach, John Danaher, teaches him to attack the whole body.

Gordon Utilizing The Front Head Lock System Yet Again, Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Learn From The Best. This System Will Alter Your Perspective On Grappling

So What Makes This System So Effective?

John Danaher is like a mad scientist.  He not only understands the technical aspects of what makes techniques function, he also understands the anatomy of the body and how certain aspects of the body can be manipulated.  There is a saying in wrestling, “where the head goes, the body follows.”  This is very true and in the case of Danaher’s front headlock system, it is all about control.

This system was developed by Danaher not only for grappling but for MMA as well.  His student, George St. Pierre has use this system on several occasions in the  UFC.  The idea is to control the head and arm and use this position to exploit other opportunities.

All to often people associate head and arm control with submissions like the guillotine, the anaconda, the D’arce, and more.  Although these can very easily be obtained once you have secured head and arm control, that is not the primary reason for obtaining head and arm control.

In Greco Roman Wrestling, head and arm control is utilized almost more than any position and there are no submissions in wrestling.  Why?  Because you can use this position to achieve several powerful pinning position, sweeps, takedowns, and it is a position where you can exert minimal strength and energy while maintaining complete control of your opponent.

This control point is very similar to the infamous seat belt grip from the back position.  John Danaher always emphasizes control over your opponent, you must be able to dictate the movements, and that is precisely what his front head locks system is about: control.  There are numerous submissions you will learn, but the most valuable part of this series is that you will be able to control even the most athletic and spazzy opponent with ease.
Center Line Shift by John Danaher

So What Does It All Cost?

Well, that depends, what is it worth to learn from the most sought after instructor in the entire world?

What would a private lesson with John Danaher cost?

This is your chance to learn the best front headlock system in the world broken down into a meticulous and step by step curriculum.

We could have easily charged you $477

But we’re not going to do that…

Instead, cut that price by more than 50%

That’s right, you can have access to Danaher’s system for just $197


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