Joe Marwood – Trend Following Stocks – Complete Breakout System


Joe Marwood – Trend Following Stocks – Complete Breakout System

Joe Marwood – Trend Following Stocks – Complete Breakout System

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Joe Marwood – Trend Following Stocks – Complete Breakout System

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Joe Marwood – Trend Following Stocks – Complete Breakout System

When it comes to beating the stock market, there are few strategies that can offer such consistent returns as the strategy of trend following.

Trend followers made a killing in 2008 when the whole financial system was in meltdown and they made millions in 2014, just when the sceptics were saying the strategy was dead.

To be sure, most big trend following funds operate in the realm of managed futures but there is significant evidence that trend following can be applied just as successfully to stocks.

On this course, you will learn the full rules to an original trend following strategy that can be used in the stock market. Rules that anyone can master and put into practice with just a couple of hours work a week.

You will also receive the full Amibroker source code and back-test results.

The trend following for stocks strategy is suitable for:

• Full-time and part-time traders.
• Investors seeking to diversify their existing portfolios.
• Traders and investors looking to passively build wealth and income.
• Those seeking alternate investment strategies.
• Quantitative traders and Amibroker users

The strategy is built using Amibroker and can be used on it’s own or as part of a fully diversified investment portfolio.

Stop following the news and start following the trend today!

Course Curriculum

Course Details
StartImportant Disclaimer
StartHow to take this course
Trend Following Theory
StartWhat is trend following? (2:34)
StartTrend following performance (1:34)
StartExamples of big, money-making trends (2:35)
StartManaged futures vs. stocks (3:51)
StartIs this momentum or trend following? (0:54)
StartCriticism of trend following (2:27)
Start30 rules for trend following stocks (1:32)
Principles For This Course
StartOur mission statement (1:48)
System Preparation
StartTools we will be using (1:05)
StartData issues: Survivorship bias & back-adjusted data (3:03)
StartOptimisation or walk forward? (2:49)
StartA word about diversification and compounding (3:36)
StartThe objective function – Bliss (1:46)
Building The Trading System
StartEntry criteria/ system buy rules (3:36)
StartExit criteria/ system sell rules (1:41)
StartPosition sizing/ risk (2:33)
StartAdding a market timing element (3:28)
StartFull system rules in plain language
StartTwo Ways To Run The System: Loose Vs. Strict
Performance Of The Trading System (Results)
StartTesting The System On US Stocks – Results (5:52)
StartFull summary of results
System Analysis
StartTop trading system winners (3:14)
StartTop trading system losers (3:00)
StartPerformance analysis by sector
Scrutinising & Stress Testing The System
StartStarting capital requirements (2:23)
StartMonte carlo analysis – robustness test (2:06)
StartFull summary of stress test results
Amibroker Code & Additional Settings
StartAmibroker System Code
StartAmibroker System Code – Use With Premium Data (PDU)
StartAmibroker System Code – Use With Premium Data (NDU)
StartMonte Carlo code add-in
StartData coverage: Norgate Premium Data: (Important)
StartAdditional Amibroker settings
Taking The Trading System Live
StartHow to trade the trading system live (3:09)
StartExtra considerations (0:54)
StartTrend following difficulties
StartHow To Scan For New Highs And More Options
StartTax implications
Super-Sizing Returns
StartDo nothing – reinvest dividends (1:38)
StartCherry picking signals (2:15)
StartCombining systems (0:52)
StartAdding shorts (1:17)
StartUsing margin
StartETFs for diversification (1:32)
StartPyramiding trades (0:43)
New Bonus Trend Trading System
StartTrend Following With A Twist
Trend Following Wisdom
StartWisdom from Winton – S&P 500 is a trading system
StartWisdom from Winton – Quantitative method
StartUseful quotes for trend followers
Additional Lectures
StartTrailing Stop Ideas: Radge/ Chandelier (5:32)
StartTrading system selection bias
Start10 different ways to follow the trend
StartTrend following with Bollinger Bands
StartOriginal Turtle Trading Rules
StartGlossary of terms
StartUseful resources
StartVideo & music credits
Bonus Section
StartPrivate Course


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