Jivey – Master Mentor Sentences K-2


Jivey – Master Mentor Sentences K-2

Jivey – Master Mentor Sentences K-2

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$99.00 $37.00

Jivey – Master Mentor Sentences K-2

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Jivey – Master Mentor Sentences K-2

Learn the why and how of using mentor sentences and mentor texts!

As a mentor, a professional development leader, and a fellow teacher, these are a few of the common complaints I hear:

  • “Teaching grammar is boring. The students hate it and, honestly, so do I.”
  • “My students don’t make the reading-writing connection.”
  • “My students make little progress in style and conventions over the course of the year.”
  • “I’m tired of the basal, but I don’t know what else to do to cover the standards.”

I imagine you landed on this course page because you share some (or all) of those sentiments. You are ready to make a change, just like I was several years ago. I thought, I am already using children’s literature to teach my mini-lessons in reading and writing. Why not use those books for grammar, too?

It made sense to me that students needed to learn from amazing, well-written sentences… giving them a sentence filled with mistakes and telling them to “fix it” wasn’t working since they didn’t even know what it was supposed to look like to begin with!

After I implemented the mentor sentence routine with my students, not only was I enjoying teaching grammar through these skill-spiraling, discussion-filled lessons, but my students were also having fun, treating this time as a scavenger hunt, or a game, or a challenge. And best of all… my students’ grammar knowledge AND WRITING improved. I found my students actually trying to imitate the mentor sentences in their own writing. That’s a teacher’s dream, right?!

If you are ready to quit teaching the same old boring way, and actually see a transfer into reading and writing, this course is for you! What’s included?

Get Master Mentor Sentences K-2 – Jivey, Only Price $37

IT IS POSSIBLE for students to love grammar and writing!

Don’t just take my word for it…

Using a mentor text that students already love help them become invested in the sentence they are analyzing. Implementing a routine where students know what to expect DAILY ensures that students will feel comfortable with the tasks.

Because the majority of mentor sentence lessons are driven through discussion about what the students notice and create, it is a truly differentiated practice. A lesson with one sentence in one classroom won’t be identical to the same lesson in another classroom.

You truly will see a difference in ALL students’ learning and writing skills!

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**Are you an administrator looking to purchase for multiple teachers? Contact me at [email protected] and I can help you get this set up!**

Course Curriculum

For This Course…

  • Read First!

Why Should I Use Mentor Sentences?

  • Introduction to Mentor Sentences (14:31)
  • Case Study
  • Higher Order Thinking with Grammar

Why Should I Teach With Mentor Texts?

  • Introduction to Using Mentor Texts (18:34)
  • Planning With a Mentor Text

How To Teach With Mentor Texts

  • How to Teach with Mentor Texts (25:32)
  • Planning Resources
  • Using the Gradual Release Model with Mentor Texts (42:02)

Overview of the Routine for Mentor Sentences

  • Mentor Sentence Routine Overview (15:24)
  • Resources for the Classroom

Time to Notice with Mentor Sentences

  • Time to Notice (21:11)
  • Resources for the Classroom
  • Practice Exercises

Time to Read and Connect with Mentor Sentences

  • Time to Read and Connect (21:20)

Focus on Grammar & Time to Revise with Mentor Sentences

  • Focus on Grammar & Time to Revise (12:50)
  • Resources for the Classroom
  • Practice Exercises

Time to Imitate and Assess with Mentor Sentences

  • Time to Imitate and Assess (18:27)
  • Planning Resources
  • Practice Exercises

Beyond Your Mentor Sentence Lesson

  • Transfer Skills to Writing (12:09)
  • Time to Collect (2:56)
  • Time to Compare
  • Time to Combine
  • Practice Exercises

Additional Video Resources

  • Kindergarten Lesson (28:20)
  • Click Clack Moo Lesson (20:06)


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Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate


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