Jeff Gignac – SuperMind Academy

Jeff Gignac – SuperMind Academy

Jeff Gignac – SuperMind Academy


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Jeff Gignac – SuperMind Academy

Product Include : WebRip 79 MP3s-136 PDFs – 29 FLVs- 3SWFs-1 MP4].
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The basis of the Super Mind Evolution system is the result of 10 years research into advanced mind power by Jim Francis and his team. He wrote dozens of reports with step by step instructions, and these can be split into
2 categories –

1. Many reports contained hypnosis scripts and some of these took 12 months to perfect. We took these scripts and gave them to Jeff Gignac who then combined them with his expert brainwave entrainment, NLP and hypnosis techniques to create extremely powerful subconscious programming mp3s.

These can be used to help solve problems, attract luck, find your purpose in life and much more (details of all programs can be obtained in the 3rd pdf from the main site).

Jim Francis also carried out research on new dream programming techniques, and from this Howard Sandford, a top UK hypnotherapist, created 13 Dream Programming audios. These can help you achieve your goals more easily, lose weight, find the perfect partner and much more.

2. The 2nd part of Jim’s research involved instructions for learning advanced ‘psychic’ skills such as remote viewing, remote influencing and subjective communication.

Subjective Communication allows you to communicate directly to another person’s mind, or group of people’s subconscious minds to create win/win situations. The technique uses the morphogenetic field as a kind of telephone exchange. It’s like the law of attraction on steroids!

People need to reach deep levels of consciousness, such as theta brainwaves, in order to effectively use these programs.

Jeff will be training academy members to reach these levels.

he’ll also be training people with NLP and conversational hypnosis so they can become effective communicators to others, and themselves…

…plus we’re very excited that he’s releasing his Adaptive Response Training to the public for the very first time. He originally created this for the government and it accelerates your learning …and increases your brain functioning.

Discover your Full Potential.

The Super Mind Academy is giving away one million Alpha mp3s to help raise the consciousness levels across the world.

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