Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022


Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022

Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022


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Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022

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You can put YOUR name, YOUR brand, and YOUR logo on everything in this curriculum…

And you can use all of it with your clients, students, or patients… starting TODAY.

Hi, my name is Sean Fargo.

I am a leading corporate mindfulness teacher and was a Buddhist monk for 2 years. I taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, working alongside Jack KornfieldTara Brach and Sharon Salzberg. I’ve taught mindfulness meditation at GoogleFacebookTesla, Kaiser Permanente and other leading organizations.

Through my website, MindfulnessExercises.com, I’ve helped more than 2 million people enhance and improve their mindfulness and meditation practices, and I’ve trained more than 500 people how to teach mindfulness and meditation to others.

Whenever I teach mindfulness and meditation to anyone… I always use a curriculum.

This is because (as you’ll discover below), I learned early on in my career as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, that teaching without a curriculum makes things A LOT more difficult.

AND… I always make sure that the curriculum I’m using to teach others, is based on the latest scientific evidence, research, and studies related to mindfulness and meditation.

This is so I can be assured that the curriculum I’m using is going to be highly-effective, and will ACTUALLY HELP my students and clients.

On this page, I’m going to show you a curriculum that I use when I teach mindfulness and meditation to others.

I designed this curriculum based on the teachings and trainings I’ve received over many years from the monks, researchers, teachers, coaches, and mentors who I was fortunate to have teach me.

And this curriculum has been proven to be highly-effective, which means it ACTUALLY HELPS people. It’s not only been proven to be effective anecdotally (with the thousands of people who I’ve taught and led through it), but it’s also based on the latest methods, practices, and techniques that have been proven scientifically too.

This curriculum has not only helped me to help thousands of people to become proficient at mindfulness and meditation… and improve and enhance their lives as a result…

…but it’s also made my job as a mindfulness and meditation teacher A LOT EASIER too.

I want YOU to have this same curriculum that I use … so you can use it too… to help your clients, students, or patients learn and use mindfulness and meditation…

…AND so your job as a teacher becomes A LOT EASIER too!

On this page, you can download this curriculum RIGHT NOW… and start using it RIGHT NOW with your clients, students, or patients!

The BIG MISTAKE I made when I first started teaching mindfulness and meditation

When I was starting out as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, I was constantly “winging it.”

I would teach a different lesson and do a different meditation at every session.

I would wait until the last minute to come up with an agenda for sessions, or I would grab some other mindfulness teacher’s lesson, at the last minute.

There was no continuity to what I was doing when I taught mindfulness and meditation to others. I didn’t have a program that I used and led people through. I didn’t have any kind of game plan.

This ended up creating a lot more work for me. I was spending a lot more time than I had to, and I was just stressed a lot of the time, because I had no plan, no program, no curriculum.

I felt like a hamster running on a wheel… running real fast… but not really getting anywhere.

And my students and clients noticed it too. They could tell that I was just “flying by the seat of my pants.”

And that made them wonder whether I was credible… whether I was professional… whether I was to be trusted or not.

When your students, clients, or patients question your credibility, professionalism, or whether they should trust you… it can make things very difficult for you… and for them.

And, I realized later, after I created a proven, structured curriculum and started using it with my students and clients… that the results they got were MUCH BETTER whenever I used the curriculum, too!

It’s REALLY HARD and it takes a REALLY LONG TIME to create a mindfulness and meditation curriculum

Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t keep reinventing the wheel every time I started teaching someone new. I was exhausted… and I was starting to burn out.

So I decided that I needed to create some kind of program that I could use every time I taught mindfulness and meditation to anyone. I needed a curriculum that would ensure a consistently high-level experience for every one of my students and clients. And I figured, that once I was done creating it, I could follow this same curriculum every time with every student, and this would cut down on my workload and time, and would hopefully make teaching easier for me.

All of those things ended up coming true, but there was something I WASN’T expecting

When I started creating my curriculum, I found out that it’s REALLY HARD and it takes a REALLY LONG TIME to create a mindfulness and meditation curriculum.

It turns out that developing a 10-week curriculum that combines the lessons and trainings I received from venerable monks, world-class mindfulness teachers, and the coaches and mentors I had, with the conclusions from real scientific research and studies… is a HUGE PROJECT.

So it took me A LOT longer than I expected it to… and it was a lot more difficult too.

You don’t always realize it, but when you’re doing a project like this, you have to make a million tiny decisions about what to create… and what to say… and what not to say… and how to do this part… and that part… etc.

And doubt always seems to creeps in… and makes you rethink everything you’ve done… and every decision you’ve already made…

And this kind of project always takes twice or three times as long as you were expecting it to.

So, it ended up taking me a really long time… and in the end it was a very difficult process for me to create the curriculum I use today to teach mindfulness and meditation.

If you’ve ever tried to create your own mindfulness and meditation curriculum, you probably know what I’m talking about! 🙂


You don’t need to spend months, OR YEARS creating your own mindfulness and meditation curriculum.

You can just REBRAND mine, and use it as your own… STARTING TODAY!

I learned the hard way that when you teach mindfulness and meditation without using a proven, structured curriculum, it makes things much more difficult for you AND for your clients, students, or patients… AND the results are almost always disappointing.

Don’t make the mistake I made… of not using a curriculum, and trying to “wing it” or “fly by the seat of your pants” when you teach mindfulness and meditation — it’s definitely the hard way of doing it!

And, you certainly CAN develop your own teaching curriculum, but based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s A LOT harder than most people think… and it takes A LOT LONGER.

After realizing that I definitely needed a curriculum, and after going through the difficult and time-consuming process of developing my own curriculum, I realized that this is one of the hardest things that all mindfulness and meditation teachers face — developing a curriculum for their students, clients, or patients… that actually works.

And one day it dawned on me that I could easily help mindfulness and meditation teachers (like you!) with one of the toughest things they face, by simply allowing them to use my curriculum.


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