Emma Drew – Turn Your Dreams Into Money


Emma Drew – Turn Your Dreams Into Money

Emma Drew – Turn Your Dreams Into Money

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$250.00 $59.00

Emma Drew – Turn Your Dreams Into Money

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Emma Drew – Turn Your Dreams Into Money

Turn Your Dreams Into Money

How to Build a six-figure Blog and Live the Life You Want!

Learn how I went from earning £0 from my blog to running a six-figure blog.

Do you dream of saying goodbye to your day job? Or maybe you have a message that you are desperate to share with the world. Blogging is a fantastic way to share your passion, your dreams, and earn lots of money whilst doing it.

Turn Your Dreams Into Money: How to Build a six-figure Blog and Live The Life You Want is a step-by-step guide to creating a wildly successful blog where the earning potential is limitless. This course tells you exactly what I have done, and what I wish I had known earlier, to grow my blog into a six-figure blog.

This course makes running a wildly successful blog achievable, and you will see your blog grow with more visitors and more income.

I started my blog in December 2010, as a way of chronicling my online money making adventures. I had graduated into the recession a few years earlier, and I found it really difficult to get any job. I had always been entrepreneurial, so I decided that it was time I shared my journey with the world. I had no idea that you could even make money from a blog, so imagine my surprise when in November 2015 I was earning more from my blog than my full time job! I quit my job and since then I have grown my blogging income to six-figures. I employ my husband and I work when I want, where I want. Life is good!

The journey hasn’t been easy, and I wish I had known then what I know now! I love earning a passive income from affiliates, or waking up to find a 4 figure deal in my inbox.

What really motivates me, more than the amount of money I am earning, is that I am helping people. My blog, EmmaDrew.Info has helped people to get out of debt, pay for a holiday or even quit their job altogether.

I had no idea that you could earn a six-figure salary from helping people.

Whether you are a brand new blogger, or if you have been blogging for years, this course will help you to refine your message, grow and serve your audience and make more money; allowing you to live the life you want.

Course Curriculum

Turn Your Dreams Into Money With A Blog

  • My Story
  • How To Tell If Blogging Is Right For You
  • Show Up For YOUR Dreams
  • How To Navigate This Course & Get The Most Out Of It
  • Download Your Course Workbook

Before you start – tutorials for brand new bloggers

  • Who This Module Is For
  • Choosing A Name For Your Blog
  • Narrowing Your Niche
  • Why You Can’t Afford NOT To Go Self Hosted
  • Installing WordPress
  • Choosing And Setting Up Your Theme
  • Must Have Plugins
  • Disclosures Required By Law
  • Creating An Awesome About Page
  • Your Branding (Colours, Logo, Fonts)
  • Setting Up Your Blogging Email Address
  • Choosing Your Categories
  • When To Launch Your New Blog

Laying the Foundations For A WILDLY Successful Blog

  • Get Stuff Done – Putting Together Your Plan
  • Your Mission
  • Your Vision
  • How To Stop Self Doubt From Paralysing You
  • Progress Not Perfection

Protecting Your Blog

  • Why You Need To Protect Your Blog
  • Diversify Your Blogging Income
  • Backing Up Your Blog
  • Protect Yourself With Extra Domain Suffixesrt
  • Protect Your Blog With Trademarking
  • Protect Your Blog From Spam
  • Protect Your Blog From Hacking
  • Protecting Your Blog Worksheet

Writing kick-ass blog posts

  • What Is A Kick-ass Blog Post?
  • Creating A Kick-Ass Blog Post & Checklist

Images For Your Blog

  • Why Your Blog Needs Images
  • Where To Find Images For Your Blog
  • Image Hints & Tips That You Must Read

How to get traffic to your blog

  • How Much Traffic Do You Need To Actually Make Money?
  • Search Engine Optimisation (7:18)
  • Driving Traffic Through Social Media
  • Running Giveaways To Increase Your Traffic
  • Guest Posting
  • Traditional Media & How To Get Noticed
  • How To Leverage Your Existing Traffic
  • Newsletters
  • Featuring On Podcasts

Becoming a social media whizz

  • Why social media is important
  • Which social media platforms to use
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Other social media platforms
  • Automating & Scheduling Your Social Media


  • An overview of Pinterest
  • Why you NEED Pinterest
  • Installing Rich Pins
  • Making a Kick-ass Pinterest Profile & Setting Up Your Boards
  • How To Create The Perfect Pin (12:43)
  • Your Best Of Board
  • Joining Group Boards
  • Automating Pinterest
  • Your Long-term Pinterest Strategy

Growing & Serving Your Tribe

  • The Importance Of Your Tribe
  • How To Serve Your Tribe
  • How To Grow Your Tribe
  • The Crazy Impact Of A Facebook Grouprt

The Money Is In The List

  • Why You Need An Email List
  • Getting People To Sign Up For Your Emails
  • Opt-In Ideas For Different Niches
  • The Types Of Emails To Send
  • Which Email Provider To Choose
  • Your Physical Address & Email Newsletters

The business of blogging

  • An overview of making money from your blog
  • How To Make Money Straight Away
  • Why You Need To Be Comfortable Selling
  • How To Get Comfortable With Selling

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Decide Which Products To Affiliate Tort
  • Tips For Affiliate Success
  • How to SMASH Affiliate Marketing for UK Bloggers

Make Money With Sponsored Posts

  • What Are Sponsored Posts & The Two Types Of Sponsored Posts
  • What Is Domain Authority & How To Increase It
  • The Difference Between Dofollow & Nofollow Links
  • Making SEO Sponsored Posts Work For You
  • How To Find Sponsored Posts For Your Blog
  • How To Pitch to Brands
  • How To Price Your Sponsored Posts
  • Sponsored Post Disclosure
  • Your Media Kit & Rate Card
  • Media Kit Templates (1:07)
  • Rate Card Templates

Make Money From Adverts

  • Should You Put Adverts On Your Blog?
  • Media.Net
  • Google AdSense
  • MediaVine (Aka My Favourite Advert Network!)

Products To Sell

  • Why You Need To Sell Products
  • Choosing The Right Product(s) For Your Audience
  • Products You Can Sell
  • How To Tell If Anyone Will Purchase Your Product(s)

Make Money As a Brand Ambassador

  • What Is A Brand Ambassador
  • How Much Money You Can Make As a Brand Ambassador
  • How To Find Brand Ambassadorships

Improving Your Top 10 Posts

  • Why You Should Improve Your Top Ten Posts
  • Identifying Your Top 10 Posts (3:56)
  • How To Improve Your Posts
  • Watch Me Improve One Of My Posts (11:30)
  • Improving Top 10 Posts Checklist

Dealing With Trolls

  • What Are Trolls?
  • Why People Become Trolls
  • How To Deal With Trolls

How To Continue Growing Your Business

  • Personal Development
  • Outsourcing
  • A Coffee Break With Me/Clarity Session
  • Coaching
  • The Facebook Group
  • Investing In Your Blog

Blogging Hacks

  • My Top Blogging Hacks

Affiliate Section For Turn Your Dreams Into Money

  • Introduction To The Affiliate Program & How To Join
  • Banners & Images
  • Email Templates For You To Promote The Course With
  • Ideas For Promoting Turn Your Dreams Into Money


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