Dylan Werner – True Strength System Bundle (Beginner to Advanced) [Yoga]

Dylan Werner – True Strength System Bundle (Beginner to Advanced) [Yoga]

Dylan Werner – True Strength System Bundle (Beginner to Advanced) [Yoga]


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Dylan Werner – True Strength System Bundle (Beginner to Advanced) [Yoga]

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Dylan Werner – True Strength System Bundle (Beginner to Advanced) [Yoga]

Build strength, increase flexibility, and master advanced movements. In only 30 minutes a day, you will transform your body and get into the best shape of your life.


This progressive series uses yoga-based training exercises and is perfect for all levels of experience, it includes complete programming.


In this bundle, you will:

Build strength and stability

Increase your flexibility and mobility

Develop new skills while increasing body awareness


This bundle includes eight series:

Beginner True Strength – The perfect starting point for your strength-building journey.

True Strength Fundamentals – Longer holds, higher repetitions, and more challenging movements designed to bridge the gap and prepare you for the next level.

True Strength Builder 1 – We advance our movement mechanics with longer holds, more challenging sequences, and increased intensity.

True Strength Builder 2 – The pinnacle of the series, we combine our movement patterns and develop the body awareness to challenge ourselves as we move through space.

True Strength Evolution (TSE) is a progressive plan of 15 videos divided into 3 levels. TSE 1 starts you on this journey by working you through intelligent movement complexes that use variations of yoga based poses to work deep into all areas of strength, endurance and flexibility. As you progress up to TSE 2 and 3, youll notice that the movement complexes begin to evolve, the reps are higher and holds are longer. Every level is a little more challenging than the last but youll feel stronger and ready push your limit to the edge! These workouts are hard but they are fun! And at the end of every workout, youre going to feel amazing!

Advanced True Strength – This plan is serious! The sequences are faster, the movements are more explosive and require more dynamic range of motion. Its very intense and recommended for those who have prepared their body through my other True Strength programs or have extensive experience with Yoga and advanced bodyweight training.


If you want to be strong, it’s going to take hard work. This bundle is hard, but the payoff is great. If you want to master your own body, go through this plan and I promise you will discover your true strength.


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