DHQ_Kris_Moskov – Beginner Twerk Course


DHQ_Kris_Moskov – Beginner Twerk Course

DHQ_Kris_Moskov – Beginner Twerk Course

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$94.00 $15.00

DHQ_Kris_Moskov – Beginner Twerk Course

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DHQ_Kris_Moskov – Beginner Twerk Course

Hi Bootyful,

My name is Kris and I’m the co – founder and instructor at AussieTwerk.com

My passion to twerk started long time ago and I think it brought me to where I’ve meant to be.

I travelled all around Australia, New Zealand and Asia with my workshops. I won Dancehall Queen Australia 2017 and was lucky to demonstrate my skills in such shows as Australia’s Got Talent 2016 and Germany Das Talent 2016. This winter my freestyle video filmed in Auckland, New Zealand hit more than one million views on YouTube making people from all around the world message me if I ever offer classes online. There is a great number of people living in the rural places wanting to learn the Art of Twerking, there is a number of people whose working hours do not allow them to attend classes in the local dance studio, so I decided to launch Twerk School Online to simplify the learning process, share my knowledge and make Twerking accessible for ANYONE to learn even if they live hundreds of kilometers away from the studio. With this course all you need is a room and Internet.

I’m super excited to be your personal Twerk Instructor for the next weeks/months! I can’t wait to teach you how to shake, pop, drop, shimmy and isolate your booties in various Twerk positions. All the moves we are going to cover will be incorporated into a beginner friendly routine that we will learn at the end of this course ? You will also learn HOW TO FREESTYLE using the arsenal of moves covered!

Apart from that, twerking is a GREAT WORKOUT for thigh muscles, quads, glutes, abs and core muscles. Twerk classes are well suited as a cardio-load. You can burn up to 600 calories an hour!!

Finally it is FUN! This course will leave you feeling happy, sexy, confident and empowered!

If you like to dance, if you want to learn how to twerk it right, if you want to burn lots of calories, strengthen your core and lower back muscles, then don’t hesitate to join my Beginner Twerk Course!


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