Dave Riker – Speed Seduction


Dave Riker – Speed Seduction

Dave Riker – Speed Seduction

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$199.00 $53.00

Dave Riker – Speed Seduction

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Dave Riker – Speed Seduction

Have you ever ever ever wished that Tempo Seduction® was taught in a additional structured method, piece by piece, subject by subject, in a method that lets you really understand it, really KNOW it and truly USE and APPLY it even larger than sooner than?

Are you a technical expert? Presumably an engineer? Scientist? Accountant? Or just someone that needs this all equipped to you in a methodical, organized, and systematic method?

Properly, what you’ve got been prepared for has arrived …

Dave Riker’s Tempo Seduction® Technical Handbook addresses your complete above, and further!

“Dave Riker has a staggering understanding of and astounding expertise with Tempo Seduction®

AND an unbelievable functionality to present a linear, structured, step-by-step technique that any man can

use to boost his success with the Tempo Seduction® supplies. Whereas I notably advocate

this for freshmen, at irrespective of your expertise diploma, this product KICKS ASS! GET IT!”

Ross Jeffries, creator of Tempo Seduction®

Hi there guys, Dave Riker proper right here. I do know what it’s like to begin out finding out any new subject, notably when you end up a technical, structured man, and ESPECIALLY if it’s a subject that YOU have personal curiosity in (like … maybe getting additional success with the Ladies or Girl of Your Needs?!!). When starting out it seems difficult, it’s all new, you really are looking out for a way to “get all of it” so that you just merely KNOW it, and it turns right into a PART of you. To me, that has on a regular basis been the vital factor to basically leaning a subject and APPLYING it.

I be mindful finding out technical subjects in school. I was not a form of ones that may merely “be taught the formulation” and the do properly on checks, no method. Memorization was not my issue.

See, I was the type of man that wanted to REALLY KNOW THE SUBJECT. Truly GET IT in a method that it

MADE SENSE. Not merely as a bunch of bits and objects, nonetheless as one factor I KNEW, UNDERSTOOD and can USE for myself.

For me, the vital factor to utility, the vital factor to with the power to really USE any subject and “make it my very personal”, is to HAVE that type of deep-level understanding. THAT is what makes you able to really use such a know-how inside the field-in the true world! I’ve on a regular basis thought that such a level of understanding was one factor that almost all faculty college students wished, and would LOVE to have with Tempo Seduction® as properly!

Now Tempo Seduction® is excellent in its power and suppleness, nonetheless let’s face it, for lots of fellows it’s a WHOLE NEW WAY OF THINKING about of us, about points to say and when, about learn how to contemplate of us and language, about what steps to take … for a woman, to your self … about the way in which to be versatile … nonetheless hold determined… about … patterns, and demos, and themes and tales and directions and trance phrases and frames and anchors and … and .. and …WHOA! THERE IS a LOT of INFO on this subject isn’t there!?!?!?!

“Hasn’t ANYONE provide you with a way to make clear all of this, to basically convey your complete

subject, in a method that means that you can “get it”? Hasn’t anyone created a development which displays pretty

so much ALL of it? A development and a method of describing it and instructing it, which supplies a

framework that can enable you to be taught, understand, recall, and USE ALL OF THIS STUFF?!??!”

Irritated faculty college students in every single place …


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