Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch


Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch

Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch

$1,997.00 $142.00

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$1,997.00 $142.00

Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch

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Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch

Price: $1997
Sale Page: https://coursefromscratch.com/startyourcourse-landing-page16609248
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Get Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch right now!

Create & launch your #CourseFromScratch profitably 

in 60 days— and say goodbye to that earning ceiling (for good)!

You’ve spent years honing your expertise, creating content, growing your followers, and you’re ready to build a profitable business around it. 

Here’s what happened to me after launching my courses…

  • INSTANT INFLUENCER STATUS: Become the most sought out expert in your niche… like, forreal—it’s crazy how fast a course gets you noticed
  • DREAM CLIENTS: Attract amazing clients who pay you top dollar because you have a unique methodology that you teach in your course… I’ll show you how to develop your own methodology.
  • INVITATIONS FOR PAID SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: Your premium course gives you instant credibility & visibility in the market, so be ready to take your expertise to new audiences!
  • THE *RIGHT* AUDIENCE: You can stop playing the IG popularity contest—no more focusing on followers; this will grow your *right* audience and attract the people who really want to learn from you.
  • CONSISTENT INCOME: You’ll now have a digital product with little overhead cost that makes you money around the clock (it’s still suh-weet seeing that Stripe transfers hit my bank account every month!)

A 60-day program to help you create & launch your online course profitably—without the tech nonsense or content overwhelm.

  • Select your profitable course topic and T.A.S.T.Y. course name that sells
  • Position yourself as the brand authority in your niche
  • Build your audience of MVPs (Most Valuable PAYERS)
  • Get course sales before you even finish creating your course content


Step-by-step videos to help you create & launch your course in 60 days

I’m so literal, detailed, and thorough with my instructions and resources inside #CourseFromScratch. There’s little room for f* ups or mishaps.

Either you do the work and get the results, or you don’t do the work and don’t get the results. I’m here supporting you every step of the way.


Live 24/7 support in our private community of course creators from around the world

  • Find launch partners & affiliates for your course launch
  • Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business
  • Learn what’s working (& not working) for other course creators in various niches


Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE and workshop your course launch

  • Getting stuck? Join me on our group coaching calls, and we’ll workshop your course & launch.
  • Celebrate your wins from the week, and set new goals for the upcoming week. You’ll love the supportive community of other experts.
  • Receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.
  • I’m 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in turning your expertise into your own premium online course.

Get Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch on ifcourse.com right now!

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • What are the 3 Cs of launching your course and getting paid?
  • What’s an MVC?
  • Set your course launch goal


  • Select your course topic
  • ID your Perfect Customer Profiles
  • Grow your email list by 250 subscribers


  • Create your Brag Bank
  • Write your Brand Authority Bio
  • Create your Fancy Framework


  • Create your TASTY course title and subtitle
  • Outline your course’s learning and doing objectives
  • Create your Fancy Framework


  • Price your course
  • Learn the 9 mental triggers of a launch
  • What’s a phone funnel?
  • How to work with affiliates and pre-sell your course


  • Weekly Q&A calls with Danielle
  • 7-Day Email List Builder
  • 3 FREE months of Teachable Pro
  • #WebinarFromScratch
  • Tech Tutorials
  • And even more extras!

Get the following when you enroll today…

3 months FREE of Teachable 
($297 value)
No tech nonsense! Forget hiring an expensive designer/developer to create a custom course platform. You’ll get FREE, immediate access to Teachable, and set your course up in an afternoon with no stress and no cost.
No begging your techie friend to help you
No posting desperately in FB groups
No wasting $5,000 on a designer/developer
No hundreds of hours down the drain
…I’ll show you how to DIY the heck out of your course platform.

($497 value)
This is how you’ll SCALE YOUR COURSE SALES. Get the webinar slides & sequences that made me over $80,000 in course sales.
Webinars are one of the best ways to sell your course. Email conversion rates are 1-3% whereas webinars can convert as high as 30%.
No hours of Googling & guessing
No buying an expensive Webinar training
No posting desperately in FB groups
No wasting $$$ hiring a designer to make your slides pretty for no reason
Let’s get wicked with webinars. 🙂 With my help, you’ll be a pro in no time.

7-day Email List Builder 
($497 value)
Do you know how unstoppable your brand & business become when you have your own email list? They say “the money is in the list” for a good a** reason. No list? No worries! My 7-day List Builder shows you how to build your email list from 0 to hundreds of people interested in learning from you in just 7 days….
Remember the time I helped the Kids Yoga Teacher with no email list get just 100 email subscribers and then do a $10,000 course launch in 30 days?
Yeah, we did that. Now it’s time to recreate that for you.

When you PAY IN FULL, you’ll also get access to…

LIVE SESSION WITH ME: Set up Your Instagram Automation & T.A.S.T.Y. Posts
($250 value)
We’ll implement for you the system that grew my Instagram followers to 20k of the RIGHT followers and made over $25,000 in 1 month as a result:
Research your Perfect Customer Profiles
Find similar target accounts
Set them up in the software
Optimize your IG bio
Create 4 pieces of T.A.S.T.Y. Content
Imagine growing to 20k followers in 1 year and making $25,000 from your product(s) through Instagram.

What you’ll receive today for 50% off:

  •  THE COURSE: Step-by-step videos to help you create & launch your course in 60 days
  •  THE COMMUNITY: Live 24/7 support in our private community of course creators from around the world
  •  THE COACHING: Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE and workshop your course launch
  •  SOFTWARE: 3 months FREE of Teachable ($297 value)
  •  WEBINAR TEMPLATES: #WebinarFromSratch ($497 value)
  •  EMAIL LIST-BUILDING: 7-day Email List Builder ($497 value)

Get Danielle Leslie – Course From Scratch right now!
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