Cristina Aroche – Connecting with the Angels 2022


Cristina Aroche – Connecting with the Angels 2022

Cristina Aroche – Connecting with the Angels 2022


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Cristina Aroche – Connecting with the Angels 2022

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Your ability to connect with the angels is the true nature of your Divine being.

You have a powerful connection and it’s time to harness it so that you can create more good things and changes in this world.

Things like:

  • Bringing a deeper level of healing to yourself and others.
  • Opening up to a deeper level of awareness and connection to spiritual truths and who you are.
  • Bringing in a greater level of consciousness into your relationships, experiences and everyday life. And most importantly…
  • Expanding your gifts and your angelic connection in order to make the impact you were born to make.

Deepening your connection to the angels and learning how to work with them completely transforms your life.

It brings you more confidence, clarity and direction on your path and Divine purpose.It helps you create profound changes in your life and manifest your heart’s desires with ease and flow.It helps you live in the energy of Divine love and joy, and to experience the peace and abundance we are all meant to experience in this life.

Connecting with the angels is a gift that everyone has the ability to tap into.

And once you do, you will feel the profound shifts and changes in your life almost immediately.It’s time to trust in yourself and who you are. It’s time to release the shame, guilt and other blocks to your spiritual connection.It’s time to be who you always came here to be, and live in the pure Divine love and energy of the angels.


We will be working with the Archangels to help you to:

  • Open up to your gifts and abilities.
  • Heal and release the beliefs and fears that are holding you back from channelling and connecting to the angels with confidence and trust.
  • Know how to channel the angels accurately.
  • Activate your angelic connection and ability to channel angelic energy healing with the angels.
  • Understand your purpose and how your connection to the angels fits into your purpose as a healer, spiritual teacher and lightworker at this time.


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