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Connectio -Smarten your Facebook Ads

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Connectio -Smarten your Facebook Ads

17 Facebook Advertising Tools You’ll Need in 2018

You will have already heard that Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users . But the real power is understanding what those users are really interested in. What triggers their emotive responses? What grabs their attention? What gets them engaged?

As a social network, Facebook remains the place where people share their experiences, thoughts, and interests. This is exactly why there has been so much focus on data security in recent times.

At the same time, Facebook has helped to make advertising more targeted and more relevant than ever before. The average active user, for example, likes at least 20 pages that indicate certain characteristics and interests. There are other forms of data you can use to tailor your advertising through Facebook ad Manager.

However, it can prove tricky to realize its full potential. The process can be complex and to find the right audience takes time and specialist expertise.

Both of which are in short supply at many businesses.

So you should be looking at using some of the best Facebook advertising tools to ramp up your campaigns. We have put together some of the best ones for 2018:

Get Creative

In order to engage with your audience and get the most out of Facebook advertising, you need to create epic designs. For many small to medium size businesses, having a top-drawer designer or team is beyond reach due to costs. Fortunately, help is at hand through many tools that can enable you to create winning ads:

  1. Qwaya

If there was a competition for the complete Facebook ad tool, Qwaya would be a strong contender. It’s effectively a third-party Facebook Ad Manager, with all sorts of features that will make it indispensable to your marketing team.

Qwaya not only helps you create a Facebook ad, it also helps you organize the overall campaign. There’s even a feature where you can control the rotation of your ads.

Top 3 Features:

Ad Scheduler: Does what it says. This enables you to decide exactly when you want your Facebook ads to display and target the optimum times.

Split-Testing: It’s one of the things that sets Qwaya apart from its competitors. The ability to split-test your campaigns is a sure-fire way to drastically improve that all important conversion rate.

Free Training Session: If you’re a novice, or feel you need to learn more, a training session will make a huge difference. And it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

  1. Driftrock

Any company that uses the tagline, “gain an unfair advantage” is bound to get your attention. It’s another challenge to live up to it. Driftrock does both with its automated ads capabilities. In short, the tool allows you to create triggered ads. The neat thing here is those triggers can include things like the weather, TV schedules, or other events.

For example, if you’re an umbrella store – you can set your ads to appear whenever it’s raining.

Top 3 Features:

Custom audience synching: You can organize your campaigns across multiple platforms for maximum reach.

Dashboard: This can help you manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and allow you to compare performance.

Measure offline sales: Driftrock has a feature where you can track customer journeys, even if they go offline.

  1. Canva


Despite the fact it was only founded in 2012, Canva has become an indispensable tool for many businesses. It’s a free, easy-to-use graphic design service fit for many purposes including Facebook posts, cover photos, and event images.

Canva also grants you access to over a million photos that you can use without fear of breaching copyright. Such is the quality of the tool it’s used by both design novices and professionals.

Top 3 Features:

Design Grid: Gives you the ability to create customizable grids, which you can adapt as you add images. This is a smart way to gain some inspiration and make your ad stand out.

Transparent Images: For your ad to succeed, the images and text need to work together to create eye-catching design. Being able to fade the images slightly into the background is a good way of doing this.

Speech Bubbles: Canva rate this highly as one of its top features. Though it can seem a little tacky, it can be used to engage with your audience. This does depend on the kind of brand you wish to project and the reputation of your business.

  1. Pablo by Buffer


Pablo by Buffer has two big selling points:

Ease of use: Go to its homepage and the screenshot is the page you will see. You can create a Facebook ad ready image in 30 seconds, all on this one page. Of course, it’s only 30 seconds in theory, given the fact you should spend time finding the right image and text for your campaign. But the point is this, if there’s ever a case of designing an ad with someone holding your hand all the way, this would be it.

Buffer analytics: Its close ties with Buffer means that any Pablo created ad or post will automatically have the benefit of built-in analytics. This will give you a good insight into the performance of your Facebook ads.

Top 3 Features:

600,000+ Images and Designs: The Pablo by Buffer team have created a bank of over 600,000 unique images. All of which are in a searchable database.

Customize Designs on One Page: As already mentioned, it’s possible to set up and create epic Facebook ads in a three stage process.

Supported by Buffer: As Pablo is part of Buffer, you would automatically enjoy the benefits of analytics and sharing capabilities.

  1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Creating a powerful, engaging headline requires just as much focus as imagery. This headline analyzer tool from CoSchedule helps you improve your copywriting skills and get your audience clicking on the ad.

After typing in a headline, CoSchedule will come up with an analysis in seconds:


The report will give you a score out of 100 and provide guidance on how to improve your headline. It covers four key types of word: Common, uncommon, emotional, and power. It’s important to strike a balance with each element in order to generate an ad that grabs attention and relates to the audience.

We could come up with all sorts of statistics to back this up but instead, we’ll do this with an example:


This poster from Chevrolet is simple, direct, and humorous. The image is eye-catching enough, with the flowing shape of the Corvette but the headline lifts it to another level. Slightly poking fun at the “boring, safe” brand of Volvo, the ad is targeted at an audience with a sense of fun and excitement.

It’s a classic case of headline and image working together to create an epic advertising campaign.

Top 3 Features:

Direct: Simply type in a headline and let the analyzer do the work for you.

Report: Quick and easy to understand, the report gives you a good insight into your headline writing skills. It will help you take a balanced approach.

CoSchedule: The host of the analyzer tool can also assist you with your wider marketing plan.


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