Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon


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Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

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Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

If you are looking for a unique approach to grappling, You’ve found it!


Catch Wrestling employs a fast and aggressive style that blends the best of Judo, Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu!

Jake Shannon has OVER 25 YEARS of grappling experience, and provides a deep look at the complexities of Catch Wrestling Takedowns.

Make complex techniques look EASY, with Shannon’s approach you can take athleticism out of the equation.

Jake’s system focuses on getting the battle to the ground and immediately going on the attack.

Part 1:



The 9 positions of catch can

Head and arm submissions

Subs from cross body cross face

Sugar hold

Toe hold

Cradle choke

Other side cradle choke

ReCounter to half guard from cross recovery

Lockdown counter

Double wrist lock from cross body

Counters to cloth grab


Part 2:


North south subs

Dragon sleeper

Neck crank

Shin ride subs

Walk back knee attack

Wrist locks from punching

Bear crawl

Fujiwara cradle

Texas cloverleaf

Leg locks from Saturday night ride

Knee bar details

Knee bar drills

Knee bar toe hold

Knee escape counter

Counter to the counter

Ball and chain knee bar counter

Toe hold counter to knee bar escape counter

Belly down heel hook

Carl gotch

Toe holds

Where to attack


Part 3:


Rear body rear cross face subs

Neck crank

Toe hold

Rear north south position

Chin strap

Front full nelson

Rear north south position 2

Chin strap roll with s lock

Steering wheel toe hold

Putting the turtle on its back

Cross face counter to turtle

Deadman pin

Crossface cradle


Crossface cradle variation

Bill robinson armbar to fujiwara armbar to pin

Bar arm to hammer lock

Bar arm to bridge rollover

Wrestling guillotine and far side twister

Calf slicer

Side wind

Inside and outside toe hold


Part 4:



Reversal of single leg into spladle

Single leg counter to cradle

Arm drag counter to mare

Escapes from bottom

Front arm switch to the back

Getting from phase 3 to phase 1

Short normal long sitout

Sitout switch

Sit out Arm roll

Stand from underneath



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