BigJerr – Cinematic Synthesis Digital Sound Creation


BigJerr – Cinematic Synthesis Digital Sound Creation

BigJerr – Cinematic Synthesis Digital Sound Creation

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$199.00 $39.00

BigJerr – Cinematic Synthesis Digital Sound Creation

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BigJerr – Cinematic Synthesis Digital Sound Creation

“I have been pretty clueless about synths my entire life, and have been dependent on presets and luck to find the sounds I wanted for my compositions. After watching Jerry, the pieces started falling into place, and the synths became a tool and not an obstacle – opening up a whole new world of possibilities. For the first time in my life and career, I can open up a synth and start carving out killer sounds from scratch!

Here’s a clip consisting of 4 of the patches I made during the course. A dark cinematic drone, an ambient pad, a deep mellow pulse bass, and a braamNo external processing has been done, this is all straight out of the synths.”

– Arn Andersson (Co-Founder of Evenant, Composer)

“Coming from a more traditional orchestration and composition background, this course was great for me to help me dive deeper into to the world of cinematic synthesis, expanding my sonic palette and opening tons of new opportunities. Jerry has done a great job in making even the most complex concepts simple, and makes it extremely easy to follow along!”

– Kenny MacComposer for Films and Games

“Absolutely loving the new synthesis course – finally ‘getting’ it. Watched so many vids before and never really grasped it other than the terminology, but Big Jerr’s approach is just excellent, he’s a great teacher. Well done guys, great course – already thinking about how I can apply these skills to other synths I have, like Omnisphere. Time to stop being such a preset junkie and start cooking my own sounds!”

– Andrew SkipperComposer

“I have been dependent on presets my entire life when it comes to sound design. With this course, cinematic and trailer sound design has become easy, I can finally design my own signature sounds for my compositions the way I wanted.

Jerry made the whole processes very easy to follow, and helps understand every single thing that you need to know, from basic to super complex sound designs. Here’s a short hybrid trailer cue I just made with my own sound design, this was done on the very first day after I took the course!

– Sham StalinTrailer Music Composer from End Of Silence

This course is for you, if you:

  • Open synths like Massive and Serum just to browse through presets for ages, but settling on something that’s not even close to what you had in mind.
  • Feel overwhelmed and confused by the seemingly complex features, possibilities and layouts of the different synths out there.
  • Often find presets you kinda’ like, but have no idea how to tweak them perfectly to your liking.
  • Struggle with mixing in your synth sounds into orchestral or cinematic cues, so they fit seamlessly


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