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Andrew Hansen & Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy

Andrew Hansen & Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy

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Andrew Hansen & Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy

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Andrew Hansen & Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy

Proven Over 12 Years: Our Step-by-Step Process for Building Income-Producing Affiliate & Authority Websites
See how this legitimate side business can help pay bills and boost savings, without needing products or customers of your own.

Get the details

WARNING: If you’re looking for a “secret” or a “loophole” for earning untold riches on the interwebz, by this time next week… you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for a legitimate online business, to earn a stable income that could let you:

– Quit a job you don’t like

– Fund your retirement

– Live location independent and travel the world.

… And you’re ready to put in the work?

Then you can probably imagine how significant it is that…

In 12 Months, we Earned $213,928 in Affiliate Commissions, From Two Websites

It’s awkward to talk about money, especially when we’ve just met… but this is the internet, and proof is important.

This is a compilation of screenshots from across our affiliate accounts during that 12 months.
Digital Worth Academy Reports from our Amazon accounts showing revenue generated. Note: “fees” are the fees they pay us for selling their products.

Let’s start with some “radical honesty”: We’re not saying you’ll make that much in the next 12 months.

We’ve been doing this for a combined 20+ years. We were starting with much more knowledge and experience than the average person.

But as you’ll see from the results of our students below, the process we use can be replicated by anyone, to build sites that can earn up to $1,000 or $2,000 a month, all the way up to $10,000 a month.

While we’re doing proof…

We Also got More Than 2.5 MILLION Organic Visitors From Google
Digital Worth Academy
Reports from our Analytics accounts showing visitors.

Not by capitalizing on some “loophole”, or deploying some black hat technique…

But by using advanced keyword research, high quality content and strategic white-hat link building and promotion…

(As well as a couple of “secret sauce” software tools we built.)

The Rest of This Page Is About How We Did It… (& How These Guys Did Too)
Digital Worth Students

You’ll hear below from our students who…

– Are earning up to $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 per month from their sites…

– Are earning – in one spectacular case – up to $200,000 per month…

– Have had $50k lump sum pay days

– Have dramatically reduced their “work hours” each week

– Got back time with their families…

– And holiday every other month…

Because after all, that’s what having an online business is supposed to be about…


Not a “Get Rich” Business… A “Get Free” Business

Most importantly, this page is about adding to your income with a business that doesn’t take up 8 hours of your day.

Plenty of people have salaries of $500k per year…

– And they’re glued to their phones.

– They spend most of their day in meetings.

– They take 4 weeks annual leave a year if they’re lucky.

– And they work at the same office, wearing the same clothes, day in day out.

Digital Worth Students
Why else would this guy jump into the ocean with his suit on? 🙂

If you want to get rich, that might be a good path to follow.

But if You Want to Get Free?

I mean free to take your work, and go where ever in the world you need to be.
Free to manage your own schedule, choose your own hours and set your own holidays.
And free to grow your income with your effort. (If you work twice as hard at your job tomorrow, will you earn twice as much?)

We truly believe there’s no better approach than the business model we’re about to describe.

I (Andrew) have lived and worked this business from more than 20 different countries over the last 10 years.

We’ve Done It, and We’re Qualified To Teach It

We’re Andrew Hansen and Sara Young. An unlikely pairing of a university dropout Aussie guy, and a Jewish Mom of 7.
Andrew Hansen & Sara Young

I, (Andrew) like coffee and cocktails, and play wrestling with my two boys.

I, (Sara) like coffee, and more coffee, and having as many family members piled into our house as will fit (current record: 15)

We’re regular people who’ve been earning a living from affiliate sites for a combined 20 years, and for most of them, we’ve been sharing our strategies with people like you, on blogs, courses, coaching programs, even in person.
Andrew Hansen speaking In that time, we’ve made all of the worst mistakes.

– We’ve built sites that were penalized by Google, seeing incomes of up to $10,000 a month disappear almost overnight.

– We’ve invested months of time and thousands of dollars into sites that turned out to be “bad ideas”

We’ve even – early on in our careers – been legitimately scammed by “guru” marketers into giving up 5 figure sums for what turned out to be fake “coaching”.

Yet, somehow, we’re still here and kicking. And profiting. In fact…

Last year was our most profitable year ever.

Let’s call that the end of our introduction, and jump right into the meat of this page.

What’s our business model? How exactly do we make money? And why should you care?

Here’s The Top Down View of Our Business Model (With Examples)

To put it simply: We build authority websites.

They are initially small, high quality, content driven WordPress websites that earn income by advertising and affiliate marketing. (that is, for the newer among you, helping sell other company’s product for a commission)

We provide a tonne of value to people interested in a certain topic, and we make recommendations to helpful products. When people buy the products we discuss on the website, we earn a commission.

Want to See an Example?
Take a look at This is not our site, but based on the value of it’s traffic*, our experience tells us it could be making up to $5,000 a month.

Authority site

Digital Worth Students
*ATVRider’s monthly organic traffic and value at time of writing.

They review ATVs, and the equipment and accessories that go with them. When people click their affiliate links and purchase things, they earn a commission.

They also cover news in this industry, provide how to material, and videos.

Want Another Example?
Check out PoolCleanerBlog. It’s not also not our site, but based on the value of their traffic*, our experience tells us they could be earning up to $10,000 a month.

Authority site

Digital Worth Students
*PoolCleanerBlog’s monthly organic traffic and value at time of writing.

It’s a really simple site that mainly reviews pools, and pool cleaning stuff. They write super helpful, in depth material, and they get rewarded by affiliate commissions, mainly through the Amazon associates program.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

>>> You can Make Thousands of Dollars per Month Before Your Site Is Anywhere NEAR as Good as Those
Yes, indeed you can. Because…

That’s Authority Site Building, and When it Works, it’s SO Good.

It’s so good because it means…

Low startup cost & low risk = Because you’re only selling other people’s products, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in inventory just to get started. In fact you can implement what we teach with just a few small investments in recommended tools (less than $100 total).
Full control = Unlike selling on Amazon, or building a Youtube Channel, you fully own and control your asset. No one can take it off you if you accidentally break someone else’s rules. And you can grow and develop it in whichever direction you think will be most profitable.
High “Return on Time” = Many of our students start their sites with a spare hour they get each day, and a little more on weekends. Ours is NOT a business model that requires a 60 hour work week or a big team in order to be successful.

And starting a site like this, you naturally get to avoid some of the most frustrating aspects of doing business online…

You won’t need to invest a ton of cash into advertising. You’ll build your site to attract high-quality, organic traffic from search engines. Once you start making revenue, you can decide whether or not you’d like to pay for more traffic.
You won’t need to enter some niche market you’d be embarrassed to tell your friends about. After all, who wants to be known as the expert on topics like “chronic hemorrhoid treatment” or “cheating on your partner without getting caught”? In fact, many of our students are able to enter markets they have existing interest or knowledge in.
You won’t need to deal with any customers. Because… they’re not YOUR customers. You recommend the product. They buy it. You go about your day. If the customer has a question, the merchant deals with it.

Oh, and a little bonus: You’ll never have to publish a desperate post on Facebook asking your friends to buy your essential oil blends so you can feed your cat…

Digital Worth Academy
^^^ It’s not a good look. And trust us, your cat hates it.

To hammer these point home, consider the story of our student Nathan.

testimonial Digital Worth Academy
“Generating a solid $2,500 a month on average”
“Fast forward to today. I’ve implemented what Andrew and Sara taught and am still implementing it. My one website is generating a solid $2,500 a month on average, and I’ve had a huge month in December when it made roughly $13,000.

But the best part is, I spend on average 1 hour a month on my website. It’s literally runs on autopilot and I’m so happy because I’ve gained my life back. In fact, last September I was finally able to leave my 60+ hour week job. I go on vacation every other month and spend quality time with my wife and baby.

I’ve gained freedom, the lifestyle, and a business that works around my life. Everything has literally transformed before my eyes.”
Nathan L, Hong Kong
Digital Worth Academy Member

Next comes the obvious question…

If it’s SO Simple… and SO Amazing… Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

Ahh, the million dollar question.

It looks simple enough on the surface: Just a plain website, with articles on it, recommending products and earning commissions.

But the devil is in the detail.

There are a handful of key processes you must be able to run in order to build and grow this website to profitability.

They’re not “hard” as such. But they are really specific.


Trying to Figure Out These Processes Alone, People Can Spend Years
We opened up a conversation about this with some of our subscribers recently, and the responses we got were shocking…

Frustration Frustration Frustration Frustration
How Could it be SO HARD? Answer #1: Overwhelm

Well for one, the volume of information that exists on how to build this kind of business is totally overwhelming.
Digital Worth Academy
Do you get more of these emails than me? Hot tip: I filter all but a select few to a different folder so this doesn’t confront me every day.

The internet is full of blog posts, and forum threads, and emails and Facebook posts, and they all have a BETTER technique you MUST be using to make more money online.

You end up feeling like you’re doing a full time job just trying to keep up with it all!

Months can pass, and if you ask yourself what you’ve accomplished, it can be hard to find an answer.

For two, the constant advertising and marketer emails make you feel like you’re always missing out on something.

They make you constantly hop from one thing to the next.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “shiny object syndrome”? Frustration Success from any online business comes from consistency… but this rabble makes it near impossible to stick to one solid method until it turns a profit.

Sadly, these aren’t the only barriers you face…

Get Past That… and You Face “The 3 BIG Mistakes”

If you don’t fall down at the constant bombardment of information and advertising… One of the 3 Big Mistakes is there waiting for you.

You can do everything right, but get one of these wrong, and the car just won’t start.

What are they?

Big Mistake #1: Picking The Wrong Market

There isn’t a more important decision you make in this business than which market you enter (ie which topic you choose to start your site on).

But once you’ve picked a market and started a site… you can’t really go back on it. Starting again is a huge waste of time and money.

So you have to start your site on this perfect kind of market.

It shouldn’t be too competitive. But you don’t want NO competitors either (you want to see that someone’s making money!)
It needs to be popular, but not so popular that it attracts too much competition.

It has to have products that are expensive so you can earn a decent commission when you sell one… but not so expensive that prospects have to deliberate for weeks before making the decision, costing you an affiliate commission.

More than all of that, you have to pick a market that YOU can actually work on.

Plenty of people have been sunk by seeing that there’s a great opportunity to be an affiliate for hemorrhoid creams… only to realize months later that they simply cannot write another article about hemorrhoid creams.

*ahem* Andrew may or may not be one of these people *ahem*

Picking a market to enter is the most difficult step, and because it’s a cruel cruel world, it’s also the very first step you need to take.

People either pick a market too quickly and realize after months that it won’t be profitable.

Or the paralyzing fear of picking the wrong market prevents them from doing anything.

Big Mistake #2: Picking the Wrong Products to Sell as an Affiliate

It’s possible to pick a profitable market to build your site in, but fail because you picked the wrong product to try and sell that market.

You need to pick a product with a good affiliate program…

… But a product that you can actually get traffic to.

… And a product that actually converts that traffic into sales.

And each of those requires its own process of analysis.
Should you sell steel toed boots? Or portable dishwashers?!

If your strategy for picking products to sell is to simply load up Amazon and hit the “Bestseller” lists…

Or head to the Clickbank marketplace and filter offers by high gravity…

You can be digging for gold in the right spot, but with a broken shovel.

Big Mistake #3: Not Focusing Long Enough on One Traffic Source

It doesn’t matter whether you pick our preferred method for traffic (search engine optimization) or another: You have to pick ONE to start with.

They’re all sufficiently complicated that you’re never gonna get good at say Pay-per-click AND SEO at the same time.

Not realizing that you can’t have traffic success overnight, people too easily quit on traffic strategies that would work if they were given a little extra time.
That other lane might look open, but you’ll get there faster by staying put.

A lot of people say that they’re not getting enough traffic, but they lack the experience to know whether they’re doing something wrong… or whether it’s actually working but they’re not looking at the right measures of progress.

Frustratingly, this is often happening when you’re months in on a new business, getting nervous about the time and money you’ve already invested without seeing a return.

Making the wrong decisions with your traffic strategy, you can end up wrongly abandoning a site that was on the brink of a big success.**

**We’ve both done this before… and it sucks.

Now do you get why Failure is so Common?
It kind of makes sense now, right?

Seeing the landscape all laid out like that, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people want to build this kind of business, but can’t.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to peak over the other side of the fence…

How We do it Different and Better: Predictably Profitable Authority Sites (Minus Frustration, Indecision & Overwhelm)

If you want to avoid the 3 big mistakes, and build an authority site that could earn up to $2,000, $3,000 or $10,000 a month…

Without worrying every day you’ve done the wrong thing
Without wondering every day “Is this definitely going to be profitable?”
Without getting stuck not knowing how to get your next visitor, or make your next affiliate sale…

You need to do what we do.

You need to deploy proven processes, with custom software tools.

Here’s what that looks like.

Our Step #1: Pick a “Big 8” Market
The only 8 markets worth considering.

We don’t puzzle over which market to enter because we only ever choose from a list of 8.

These are the big umbrella markets that are proven to be profitable time and time again.

They have enormous upside potential, because they’re so big you can start in one small corner of the market, and keep developing your authority site into new areas of the market as you grow.

They’re so big, and products/services move so fast in these markets that you can always find a new low competition corner to establish yourself in.
These hot products might be WITHIN a great market, but they themselves aren’t the basis for a site.

This means when we’ve picked one, we never doubt “Is this market really going to be profitable?”

We know it’s always profitable, and we only need to find which little untapped corner we’ll profit in first.

Ready for step 2?

** Let’s Keep the Example Rolling: Say we Choose the Market of Fishing
fishing When you’ve got that, your next question is “What are the products I could sell that would make the most money?”

Our Step #2: Find the Most Profitable Products to Sell

On Amazon alone, the category of Fishing has 50,000 products to sell. Fishfinders How are we going to know which will earn us the most money?

You can spend hours sifting through Amazon and other affiliate networks trying to compare one offer to another.

Or you can do what we do, and use a software tool to cut through the manual labor.

We plug “Fishing” into our Commission Wizard tool (more on which below), like this… Fishfinders And when we hit search, we see the following: Fishfinders It tells us that of 50,000 products on Amazon, there are really only 38 that are worth us considering promoting. Why?

Because they meet the criteria we need for commissions and likelihood of conversions.

Instead of researching for hours… that took seconds.

Decision made! Fishfinders will be our starting point in this market.

Now for our next bit of analysis…

Our Step #3: Confirm Traffic Potential Before You Start

Nothing is more important than this.

Before we commit to starting a site, we don’t just need to know that the market is good…

We don’t just need to know that there are good products to promote…

**We need to know there’s an attainable source of profitable traffic we can tap.**
We need to know how much traffic there is, and how much we might make from it.

If we know all that…

– There are no missing pieces.

– No misplaced expectations.

– No mistakes.

Here’s how we do it:

We feed this little opportunity of Fishfinders into our keyword research software (more on which below).

It sifts through thousands of keywords relevant to Fishfinders, looking for an opportunity.

An opportunity is when a keyword related to Fishfinders is being searched, but the sites currently ranking for it in Google are particularly low quality.

We came to calling these “anomaly keywords.”

What comes out is something like this… DKM All the sites ranking for all the keywords are on one row… and deep within them is one green opportunity keyword.

We scroll left to see what the keyword is, and… DKM Boom! Our first opportunity!

>>> This is a place we now KNOW we can get traffic, because what’s currently getting traffic is so low in quality.

The first product we’ll promote, and the first place we’ll get traffic is side scan fish finders.

CAUTION: This is the point most people stop their analysis. Do not stop here!
They find a product with an affiliate program, and a “good keyword”, and they think “Done. The money is mine!”

Don’t stop there. There is one crucial step remaining…

Our Step #4: Confirm Profit Potential Before You Start

Every opportunity for traffic has a monetary value.

If you write an article for side scan fish finders, and it ranks for all the side scan fish finder keywords you’ve found… it will make SOME amount of money in affiliate commissions.

But how much money will it make? What exactly is the profit potential?

For most affiliates, the answer is “I don’t know.” Fishfinders No keyword tool can tell you this because it’s not about the competition for the keyword, it’s about how well your article and monetization fits the people searching for that keyword.

So most people guess.

Not us.

We dug through our own affiliate accounts, and compiled our own data on the traffic and affiliate earnings from hundreds of products…

And made a final software tool to calculate the profit potential of any opportunity we came across.

We plug in Side Scan fish finders, along with the keywords we found, and it spits out something like this… Fishfinders While it can’t be perfect, that’s a data driven estimate of our likely monthly income if we can rank an article for these keywords and sell that product.

($156 a month for one article? I’ll take it!)

Hopefully it’s starting to become clear why this is anything but business as usual

When our Students Used the Same Processes & Software Tools…

It’s time for you to meet another group of our students…

These are regular people who built income-producing authority sites using our unique combination of processes and software tools.

They are a range of ages, from a range of countries, a range of different backgrounds. They didn’t start with prior experience, or a wad of startup cash, or a degree in software engineering…

They’re united only by an appetite for hard work, and a motivation to succeed. Their stories speak for themselves…
“Now averaging about $3,500 a month”
I have a site that’s now averaging about $3,500 a month (it spikes over the holiday season. Last November it did more than $9,000). It’s not the highest earning site, but it’s a nice income for little work.

That’s not to say I didn’t work on it in the beginning but the income is now relatively passive. There’s nothing special about this site. Anyone could do the same by following the same training, and part time too.
Catherine P – UK
Digital Worth Academy Member
“Last year my affiliate earnings exceeded $50,000”
“I was a new empty nester with some time on my hands. I wanted to earn some income, but I had no desire to go back to a “regular” job after having spent 25+ years out of the work force. So, I starting exploring ways to earn money online.

Around that time, I heard about Sara & Andrew’s program. It sounded like something I wanted to pursue, so I signed up.

Through the course, Andrew and Sara taught me, step by step, how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. They made me feel like I could succeed if I would follow their methods, work hard, and not give up.

It took a while for me to realize a profit, but it did come and has been growing steadily. In 2018, my affiliate earnings exceeded $50K, and I’m on track to probably double that in 2019, based on my first quarter earnings.

This business is allowing me to live the way I want to. I love being my own boss and working when and where I choose. If I want to take a few weeks to go visit my kids and grandkids, I can just go. There’s no job holding me back, and I’m still making money even when I’m not working. It’s awesome!

My husband is happy, too, because the extra income has taken some of the financial burden off of him. He used to be the sole breadwinner in our family, but the roles are kind of reversing. He’s been able to take a much less stressful (but lower paying) job, and that’s been wonderful.

I never dreamed I’d be doing something like this, but here I am. I’m so glad I took that first step of taking Andrew and Sara’s course and that I stuck with it. My life is so much better because of it. I’m grateful!”

Marge S, USA
Digital Worth Academy Member
“Just broke $1k a month”
For what its worth I have 8 posts indexed on my site and just broke a $1k month. I am also hopeful that my progress has motivated people. I ended the month at about $1100 and as-of today I have just over $1500 in affiliate commissions that I will collect on the 15th – screenshot below.
Claudia V.
Digital Worth Academy Member
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
“So many of my friends are now envious”
With a chronic illness and a teenager with autism who needs a fair amount of attention, working in a regular job was getting hard. I’d made a few attempts over the years to build a business online but without much success. When I stumbled across your program, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

I would never have achieved the results I’m seeing today without it. [Best month: $3,799] The support you gave not only in the application of the training but in acknowledging and helping us push through the mental barriers that hold people back, was invaluable.

“So many of my friends are now envious that I get to work from home (or anywhere really) on my own online business during the hours that suit me. I love doing this, and couldn’t have done it without taking that leap of faith and investing in your program.
Sharon S, NT Australia
Digital Worth Academy Member
And Then… The Shocking Case of the $200,000 per month Guy…

Disclaimer: The following is NOT normal. Chris is our most successful student of all time.

Still, the facts of his life are the facts…

“Went from generating $20k per month to over $200k per month”
Since the last time we talked, things have gone wild and when I stop to think about it I can hardly believe it!

In the past 2 years, my site went from generating $20k per month to over $200k per month, with a record $322k earlier this year. Crazy!!!

I’m currently enjoying one of our long family holidays, this time in luxury retreats tucked away in Borneo’s rain forest. I check my commissions once a day on my phone and smile thinking about how dumb I’ve been to wait so long before leaving my regular job!

I send you today’s screenshot of Share A Sale’s daily summary, which is just one of the platforms I work with.

And also the view from my room last night… (Feel free to use them if you want)
Chris F.
Digital Worth Academy Member

If you’re ready to build this kind of business and income for yourself, you can now get your hands on the exact training and resources that these students had, plus a little bit more…

Introducing The Digital Worth Academy Course & Software Suite

Academy Digital Worth Academy is the complete online course and software tool suite that both we, and the students on this page used to grow income-producing authority sites, frustration free.

It includes our entire methodology, with all of our key processes laid out in step-by-step instructional video in the Digital Asset Blueprint.

And the 3 custom software tools that slash your research time, automate labor intensive tasks, and destroy the uncertainty that plagues so many new authority site owners…

Academy members get unlimited monthly use, and LIFETIME ACCESS.

Here’s everything Digital Worth Academy members get, broken down in detail…

Component #1: The Digital Asset Blueprint
Academy The Digital Asset Blueprint is 6 sections, more than 30 modules, and 150 “over the shoulder” videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable authority website from scratch.

It’s so step-by-step, it might as well be walking.

It’s all our key processes and all our best techniques broken down into short tutorials for quick consumption, and quicker action.

It’s the best of everything we’ve learned over the past 12 years.

And by following it, you skip happily over the most common mistakes on your way to success.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the Digital Asset Blueprint…
Digital Asset Blueprint Part #1: Picking Markets & Products to Sell Them

Few things have as big as big an impact on your success as which market you choose to enter, and which affiliate offers you choose to promote to them.

It can be the difference between an income ceiling of $1,000 a month, and up to $10,000 a month. It can be the difference between needing to put in 100 hours of work before you see success, and needing to put in 1000.

And because of this, it’s where the majority of people get stuck. Complete “analysis paralysis”. You can get so worried about picking the wrong market that you just never do it.

What do Most People Do?
There are a lot of ways to screw this part up.

Pick a market too “niche”, and even if you do everything right, you may never be able to make more than $1,000 a month with your site.
Pick a market too competitive, and you might spend months before learning that you can’t actually get any decent targeted traffic there.
Pick a market without enough commercial viability and you might get loads of traffic that doesn’t turn into sales.
You can even pick the perfect market and still fail if you’re not looking at the right indicators of potential, and progress!

What Does The Digital Asset Blueprint Teach?

Instead of just “how to”, we flat out tell you the 8 big markets you have to enter, to maximize your profit potential. (Course 1, Module 2)
Next, we show you how to find an intersection between one of these big 8 profitable markets, and an existing interest, knowledge or passion you already have.

From there, you can be sure which of the 8 markets to enter, and proceed…
Next, we show you how to find a small corner in this big market that a new site could reasonably establish itself in.

You’ll put down roots there, specializing at first in this one niche under that big umbrella. From there you can expand outward as desired, with no limit to your profit potential.
We’ll show you how to find the highest profit affiliate offers to sell to your audience: Not just from the Amazon Associate program… not just from Clickbank, but from all possible sources.

You’ll focus on offers that have obvious traffic sources with low enough competition that even a new website could reasonably acquire it (more on traffic below).
You’ll even get access to our product hunting tool that will blatantly just show you countless profitable products to promote in any market you give it… (More on this below)
Commission Wizard screen

You’ll come out of our Markets, Niches & Products training, not just with a market and products already chosen, but with a data driven measure of how much money your first affiliate offers are likely to make. (See Profit Calculator below)

In other words, you’ll say goodbye to uncertainty. You won’t be waiting and hoping to see if your site will make money. You’ll have benchmarks before you even start, and you’ll slowly work towards them.

We like it better this way 🙂

Digital Asset Blueprint Part #2: Making Your Authority Site With WordPress

We’re throwing this in here just so you know that the next thing you’ll learn in the Digital Asset Blueprint is how to set up a clean, professional looking WordPress website.

It will serve helpful content to this market you’ve picked, and promote your affiliate offers to earn commissions.

There’s a lot in it, from WordPress themes, to the best plugins to install, to setting up proper tracking, to on-site optimization.

But it’s not a core skill of this business model. Why? Because most of these things you only need to do once.

Even if you’re terrible at WordPress, or design, or using FTP, it doesn’t matter. You don’t do those things every day. In fact after the initial setup, you almost never do them.

We focus your attention instead on the things that really turn the wheels. We want you to be the best at the skills of actually making money. Like…
Digital Asset Blueprint Part #3: Making Money With Content

To understand what it means to make money with content, take a look at this snapshot below.

This is from one of our Amazon affiliate accounts, where each row is ONE article, and on the right is the monthly earning of that article. It’s just a sample of 5 such articles that are earning money…
Digital Worth Academy
It shows that the articles are earning between $76 and $444 per month. Each.

Think about this for a second. If you take the lowest example, and say that an article can earn $76 per month, how many articles would you need to hit your goal income?

If you want to make up to $1,000 a month, this example suggests you need about 13 articles.

Want to earn up to $2,000 a month? You might need 26 articles.

And so on. This is conservative, because you can see in the table that articles can earn significantly more than that… But it’s helpful as a guide.

Of course, this makes things look easy…

What do Most People Do?

Most people start a site, and fill it up with product reviews. But does anyone, in any market, really like a site filled with product reviews?
Or they get a writer from Fiverr who throws up “english second language” sounding articles, and they wait for rankings.
Or they actually get great content, but they put it up on their website and they can’t get enough clicks on their affiliate links.
Or they actually get clicks on their affiliate links, but they don’t turn into sales!

What Does The Digital Asset Blueprint Teach?

We’ll show you how to only publish content on the topics you KNOW you’ll be able to get traffic for (and turn into affiliate sales). You’ll even know their profit potential before you start!
Profit Calculator
You’ll learn how to create the highest quality versions of the 3 types of cash content that always make money. (Hint: Product reviews are only 1 type).
We’ll teach you the proven affiliate link positions and texts, and images that generate the most clicks and sales.
We’ll teach you how to create the 3 other kinds of content that an affiliate site needs to build a following, gain authority, and generate backlinks.
We’ll teach you how to easily, consistently find new topics for content to publish, based on what’s already been successful in your market, without spending hours of time researching.
We’ll show you how we outsource our content creation, both to individual writers, and content development services, to scale our publishing and keep revenue growing.

When you can do this, you can keep publishing, keep hitting those revenue per article numbers, and slowly move towards your income goals.

From here, there’s only one piece left, and it’s a big one…

Digital Asset Blueprint Part #4: Getting Rankings & Traffic From Google

We’re good at this.

In a recent 12 month period we generated more than 2.5 million organic visitors from Google alone.
Digital Worth Academy
What’s more, in 12 years doing this, we’ve ridden out all Google’s algorithm updates. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummmingbird… Freshness, Fred, Mobilegeddon… even the Medic update of 2018-19.
Medic update recovery
In short: We can show you how to get lasting rankings and traffic from search engines, and turn it into affiliate commissions, without any tricks, or loopholes, or black hat silliness.

What do Most People Do?

We can’t possibly give you a full list of the ways people go wrong with their SEO, but for a start…

They can target keywords that seem low competition, but they end up not being able to rank for (low Keyword Difficulty isn’t enough)
They can end up getting rankings, but for the wrong keywords that don’t convert into sales.

They can struggle to build the quality backlinks they need to rank for their chosen keywords.

They can fail to establish authority.

They can get rankings and traffic for the right keywords, and even make money… but they used low quality methods that Google finds out about, decreases their rankings, and their income disappears.

What Does The Digital Asset Blueprint Teach?

You’ll learn our sustainable, white-hat (with strategic touches of grey) Google ranking and traffic strategy including:

How to find the lowest of the low hanging fruit keywords that will actually make you money. Our method (and software. See Component #4)
needle haystack keywords
The WordPress themes & plugins that give us fast, perfectly optimized websites that Google wants to rank.
The title tag and description templates that get us search engine clicks even without high rankings.
How we get more rankings with less promotion by optimizing our site’s internal linking structure.
How we get backlinks to our sites from major news outlets and authority publications. Take a look at some of the links we’ve gotten lately…
sweet backlinks
How we get natural backlinks without even asking for them. Take a look at these recent links we didn’t request…
natural backlinks

How we get links with outreach: Our 3 most effective backlink outreach processes, in step by step format.
How to understand your search engine analytics, and grow traffic with small, repeated improvements based on your data.
How we maximize our site’s Expertise, Authority & Trust, both on site and off (probably Google’s most talked about new ranking factor).
How to strategically invest in your site’s promotion to fast track your results.
The surprising free link building method that can get you 5 links a day and create buzz about your new site.

Crucially, the Digital Asset Blueprint is Constantly Updated

Because we’re working on our own websites every day, we see quickly when there’s a new strategic improvement you can make to grow your profits.

And when we do, we share it with you by adding videos to the course.

This means even though you only pay once, you keep benefitting from our knowledge and experience as a DW member.

Digital Worth Academy Digital Worth Academy Digital Worth Academy Digital Worth Academy
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
Their training is up-to-date in a business that is continually changing, the support team are ex-pupils, and the whole feel of the course is if you put the work in, you can achieve the results you want.

The DWA training hub has everything laid out to make it so easy to follow, with very well-thought-out videos that you can slow down for more detail and speed up when you want to recap, and PDFs of the training if you want to read instead of watch.

When you log in it feels like a college course, rich in content and training added when Andrew and Sara feel it will help, and then they wrap it all up with the live training over two weeks which endorses all this and you never feel stuck. I feel there is no real training like this out there today.
Philip Ashcroft
Digital Worth Academy Member
The Unfair Advantage: How our Private Software Arsenal Lets you Grow Your Business Better, Faster and Easier Than the Rest

With the Digital Asset Blueprint you can build an authority site from scratch to profitability, just like our students have done time and again.

The rest is a question of speed.

We built 3 custom software tools that help us automate and streamline the processes that have been so effective for us. They cut down the manual labor required, and significantly increase the “return on effort” you make.

As part of your Digital Worth Academy membership, we’ve made our private custom software tools available to you.

It means you have the kind of unfair advantages that are usually reserved for large companies with enormous budgets.

Specifically, these advantages are:
Component #2: Commission Wizard Software
Commission Wizard

Most people struggle to decide which products they should talk about (and sell) on their sites. This part is pretty important. You know, because it’s how you make money.

Which products will make the most commission?

How will you find the ones that aren’t smothered by competition already?

How will you know which products you’ll actually be able to get traffic to and make money with?

Choosing where to start can range from confusing to anxiety inducing: “What happens if I get it wrong?!”

DWA students have this part of the process taken care of by our members only software tool called Commission Wizard.

Watch Commission Wizard at Work in This Video

CW (as we call it) sifts through millions of products on the internet, based on a category you give it, and spits you out the products that are performing best in their categories.

A lot of times they’re products you never thought of and opportunities you never expected.

And they make money. The data is there to prove it.

Commission Wizard

You have unlimited usage of Commission Wizard. You can keep coming back to this tool any time you need to find new products to promote to keep your income growing.
Component #3: Profit Calculator Software
Profit Calculator

Most people just “bet” that the niche they start their sites in will be profitable.

DWA students don’t start sites unless it’s confirmed by data from our custom software, that their niche will be profitable.

Watch Profit Calculator at Work in This Video

It’s called Profit Calculator, and when you come across any opportunity, any product that you think might worth integrating into your site, you run it through the calculator, and let it tell you the monthly profit potential.

Here’s an example of one topic/product type run through Profit Calculator:

Digital Worth Academy * Note: this calculator is only to be used as an example of figures that can be potentially earned. The results from this calculator are not typical or guaranteed.

$407 a month from one product (usually just one article) wouldn’t be so bad would it? Imagine if you found 10 of these… or 100?

Component #4: Diamond Keyword Miner Software
Digital Worth Academy

DKM is how we find the ranking and traffic opportunities that average marketers can’t find.

Remember the one tiny green opportunity keyword in a sea of red NO GOs? Fishfinders Then scroll left to see what the opportunity keyword is… Fishfinders That’s thanks to Diamond Keyword Miner, a proprietary tool we built to take tens of thousands of keywords from any given market and – using advanced analytics and spreadsheet manipulation – filter down to the absolute easiest, most profitable of them.

It takes a complicated process and reduces it to a handful of mouse clicks.

Simply import your big list of keywords, watch the colors change, then hit “Run Filter” like this…
Digital Worth Academy … And a new list will be created, containing your first ranking and traffic opportunities!

It can’t be overstated: While other advanced search engine marketers use a process like this for keyword research, there is no other commercially available keyword tool that can automate this process like Diamond Keyword Miner can.

Bottom line: You’ll be finding more opportunities & better opportunities than the average person can… without having to do all the work yourself.
With Help Like This, You Enter a Different Universe…

With this level of resources, compared to the way most people try to start an affiliate site, you’re basically on another planet.

You can’t “pick the wrong market”: We’re telling you exactly which markets to pick.

You can’t “pick the wrong products” to sell: Our software tells you which are the most profitable.

You can’t fail to get traffic: Because our tools and processes told you before you started exactly where you’d get traffic, and exactly how much it was likely to make.

That’s “the difference that makes the difference”.

That’s Digital Worth Academy.

Answering Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Digital Worth Academy for?
Who is Digital Worth Academy NOT for?
How long will it take me to start making money?
Can I do this from outside the USA?
Once I’m in the program, what other expenses will there be?
How much time will I have to spend on this to see results?
I’ve never done any of this before. Will it be above my head?
What happens if I get stuck during the program?
How is this different from the other products you’ve created?
How long will I have access to the materials?
“FIRST SALE! FIRST SALE!” – The Cry We Never Stop Hearing

Almost every week another Digital Worth Academy member crosses that line from being a regular human being, to someone with an income-producing website.
Digital Worth Academy
There’ll be more next week, and the week after that.

Why couldn’t you be one of them?
Try Digital Worth Academy Risk Free Thanks To Our…

No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

“Sounds good, but it’s still a lot of money… How do I know it’ll be worth it?”

You don’t.

We’re not supposed to say that, because this is our sales page after all… but no matter how much we tell you about the program, it’ll still feel a little scary to hit that “JOIN” button.

First thing’s first: If you decide Digital Worth Academy isn’t for you within the first 30 days, we’ll refund 100% of your money. No penalties and no questions asked.

That’s the elimination of risk part. You don’t have to *believe* it’s as good as we’re telling you. You can just try it for yourself, and if it’s not, you’re out… with no loss incurred.

But what’s more important to us is the *HOW*.

You could fairly ask “HOW can you guarantee it? How can you make me SURE this is a safe bet?”

And there are 2 BIG reasons we’re so confident:

1. It’s proven: The business model we’re teaching you has been working for us and our students, for 12 years. We’ve done it through all the ups and downs, all the changes of the internet, and not only profited, but made it more profitable today than ever.

2. Our students aren’t superheroes. The success stories on this page aren’t people who came to us with some special skill, or talent, or advantage. They’ve come from all over the world, with varying ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Whether it’s a busy life, or a stressful job, or you’re 70 years old, or you’ve never done this before… you don’t have a condition that’s going to prevent this working for you so long as you’re willing to put in the effort.


Digital Worth Academy membership gives you our entire step by step blueprint for building an income producing digital asset authority website: More than 150 over the shoulder videos, along with 3 of our private, secret weapon software tools for an unfair advantage over your competitors.

It’s everything you need to go from “never done this before”, to an income producing online business, one small, simple step at a time.

Join Today And Get Lifetime Access To:

The Digital Asset Video Blueprint: All 6 sections, more than 30 modules and 150 “over the shoulder” videos demonstrating the entire process of building a profitable authority website from scratch. (No products of your own required, no inventory, no customers to deal with.) (Value: $997)

This includes our detailed processes for…

Finding keywords and traffic opportunities we can prove will be profitable.
Finding products to sell that we can prove will be profitable.
Building simple but perfectly optimized WordPress websites.
Creating content that Google and our readers love equally (not just bad product reviews).
Boosting affiliate clickthrough rates.
Advanced 2019 link building & promotional strategies.

… and much more.

Full PDF Transcripts If you’re “not a video person” and a simple “how to” is all you need, the comprehensive, hyperlinked transcripts of the Digital Asset Blueprint will have you building a profitable new website at breakneck speed.

Commission Wizard Software: Our proprietary software tool that scans millions of products you might promote on your site and tells you immediately which are the most profitable commercial opportunities, even in the biggest markets. (Value: $297)

DKM Elite Software: Lifetime access to our custom, private software that that automatically finds “needle in a haystack” keyword opportunities in your market where easy traffic and revenue are available. (Value: $297)

This tool lets you automate a highly advanced keyword research process, without needing to be “highly advanced” yourself. You’ll find opportunities that other site owners simply won’t come across.

NOTE: This is not the same as publicly available keyword research tools. DKM adds another layer of analysis on top of regular keyword data, that’s specific to your goals, to isolate otherwise hidden ranking opportunities.

Profit Calculator Software: The tool that will show you before you start, the approximate monthly revenue of any product/keyword opportunity you find based on real affiliate data from our own accounts.(Value: $197)

With Profit Calculator, there’s no “wait and see” if you’ll make money. You’ll only ever pursue opportunities with confirmed real world profit potential.

7 Day/Week Customer Support: If anything’s not clear as you’re going through the training, you’ll have our experienced support team there to lend a hand, any day of the week.

Total Value: $1788

If you need this to be an even sweeter deal, you might want to consider the following…

Earn Monthly Income AND A Lump-Sum Payout (if you want it)

In the lasts few years, there have been a few high profile authority sites that were sold for eye watering sums.

The most talked about was a website called The Wire Cutter, which sold to the New York Times for more than $30 million dollars.

Every day, on website marketplaces like, authority sites like ours get sold for 20-40 times their monthly profit.

Look How Much These Affiliate Sites Sell For…

Digital Worth Academy An affiliate site like ours earning $2,109 a month is selling for $56,964.

This isn’t just a thing that’s happening for random people either.

Multiple Digital Worth Academy members have sold their websites for $50,000+

For example, our student Matt recently sold his business for $50k within one year of starting:
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
“I sold for $50k”
The sites that I built using Andrew & Sara’s methods I sold on empire flippers for $50k.

It gave me enough money to take a break, travel and I’m now building a new site that is nearing a decent wage already.

It pays all my bills and gives me the freedom to do what I want, when I want. (Except buy a Lamborghini – I’ll leave that to the guys in the sales videos ;))
Matt B, United Kingdom
Digital Worth Academy Member

And Eben sold his affiliate site (making about $2,000 a month) for a $56,000 payout too
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
“I sold another site for $56,000 last year”
Before I heard about this method, I was plodding along and was never able to crack 3 figures in affiliate income.

Within 6 months of starting my first course with Andrew, I was able to take an existing site to 4 figures per month. I sold another site for $56,000 last year.

I only wish I had learnt about this earlier.

This business has given me more time to spend with my wife and three boys, and I can now offer them the opportunities in life they deserve.
Eben L., South Africa
Digital Worth Academy Member
If you’re ready to put in the work,
we’re ready to help you succeed

The difference between you and the success stories on this page?

There isn’t one.

Every single Digital Worth Academy student who’s made money from our program has succeeded because they finally had all the steps they needed, laid out in front of them.

The only difference between you and them is time. They did it. You can do it too.

You need a system you can trust, not a training program that seems to be missing key steps. Or requires tons of overhead. Or tries to squeeze more cash out of an already crowded niche.

You need step-by-step guidance and accountability from no-B.S. teachers who have actually BUILT businesses using this exact method.

Digital Worth Academy You need to shut out the noise, treat your business like a business, and do the work required to grow it into something valuable.

That’s what you get with Digital Worth Academy.
Digital Worth Academy
Imagine If All You Made Was $15,000?

That’s what happened to our student Gary.

Without even listing it for sale, he sold his affiliate site for a cool $15,000.
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
Or “Just” $1,500 a Month, While You Were Busy Doing Other Things?
That’s what happened to our student Lauren…
testimonial Digital Worth Academy
“$3,600/mo around Christmas”
Hey Andrew!

Everything is well! I’ve been letting my site ‘coast’ for about a year now as we’ve been busy with a new house and other projects. It kept growing and growing on its own.

My site peaked at around $3,600/mo around Christmas and now it’s leveled off to about $1,500/mo. It took a lot of work but I’m very proud of my success and the passive income is fantastic. It’s a great security net, so to speak. 🙂
Lauren V, United States
Digital Worth Academy Member
Don’t Let Another Year Slip Away…

You want this kind of business. You might have imagined it for a long time. You know it’s perfectly possible.

But it’s not just going to fall into your lap.

It’s not just going to magically appear because you’ve read a certain number of “amazing” free blog posts.


At some point, you know you’ve gotta commit. I mean, really commit.

You’ve gotta put your time and your money on the line. You’ve gotta give it everything you have.

You’ve gotta give that dream of yours a damn chance.

And our goal in making this program was to guarantee that no matter who you were, you’d never find a better chance than this one.


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