Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class


Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

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Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

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Alain Merville – Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Advance Gospel Keys Master Class

Learn the secrets to mastering harmony and become a better musician.

Do you ever…

Find yourself struggling with creating new ideas or lost when the topic of music theory comes up?
So you purchased a few tutorials online hoping that it would develop your skills and help you become a better musician – but you soon realized that all it really did was teach you a few tricks that only apply for specific situations. It’s time to change this! With the right steps and strategy…

You can…

  • Learn the steps to creating new and original musical ideas!
  • Finally, learn how to use simple and advanced music theory in your playing and writing!
  • Create a successful, repeatable practice strategy that provides results!

Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

  • Midi Files & LMV Files For Each Chapter
  • Chapter Summaries & Study Guides
  • Easy to apply, Bite-Sized Chunks of Learning
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • 100% Online & Mobile Friendly

Get results!

You want to see results from all your time spent working on your craft, that is what you should get! This course will take you step-by-step through bridging the gap between advanced music theory and your daily playing. I will show you the same tools, techniques, and strategies I use in my playing and how you can do it too!

Your Learning Roadmap

Chapter 1 – Drop 2s & Inversions

  • Learn how Drop 2s & Inversions are constructed
  • Use these concepts to voice dense harmony
  • Harmonize melodies & navigate through progressions with drop 2s & inversions

Chapter 2 – Analyzing Harmony

  • Understand how harmony functions
  • Discover the relationships between harmony
  • Master the manipulation of harmony through relationships

Chapter 3 – Subdividing Harmony

  • Learn how to effectively use chord scales and upper-structures
  • Develop the skills needed to tonicize subdivided harmony
  • Understand the importance of purposeful chord voicing

Chapter 4 – Pedal Point Harmonic Motion

  • Discover the power of Pedal Point Harmonic Motion
  • Learn tips & tricks to disguise traditional movements
  • Master effective voice-leading

Chapter 5 – Diminished Harmony Relationships

  • Learn the secret behind diminished harmony manipulation
  • Understand the process of superimposing diminished harmony
  • Creating deceptive resolutions with superimposed diminished harmony

Chapter 6 – Modes & Chord Scales

  • Remove the fear and uncertainty around modal harmony
  • Learn to effectively use passing chords
  • Using modal harmony as subdivided harmony

Chapter 7 – Orchestration

  • Master the art of Tension & Release
  • Learn to control the listener’s emotions
  • Make your playing speak by understanding the individual voices of harmony

Chapter 8 – Pivot Modulation

  • Navigate through tonal centers seamlessly
  • Develop techniques to play in multiple tonal centers simultaneously
  • Learn creative ways to use pedal point, drop 2s & inversions to pivot modulate

Chapter 9 – Embellishments

  • Use simple but effective tools to create embellishments
  • Master the use Targeting Chord Tones, Harmonizing in 6ths and more
  • Learn how to fill space and create amazing fillers

Bonus Chapter – “Oh Danny Boy” Breakdown

  • See how every chapter covered can be applied
  • Learn the balance of using multiple concepts
  • Gain the confidence to utilize these concepts in your playing

Course Curriculum

Advanced Gospel Keys Master Class

  • Drop 2s & Inversions (18:18)
  • Analyzing Harmony (25:38)
  • Subdividing Harmony (18:30)
  • Pedal Point & Harmonic Motion (17:24)
  • Diminished Harmony Relationships (32:17)
  • Modes & Chord Scales (27:48)
  • Orchestration (11:48)
  • Pivot Modulation (8:06)
  • Embellishments (7:23)
  • “Oh Danny Boy” Breakdown (4:37)


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