AINS 103 – Digital & Audio Book


AINS 103 – Digital & Audio Book

AINS 103 – Digital & Audio Book


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AINS 103 – Digital & Audio Book


The Burnham System is the gold standard for AINS 103 study guide materials. Using our guide you will learn everything needed to pass the AINS 103 Exam in the shortest time possible. Simply, you will learn more, faster.

Included for FREE with your purchase of this Digital (PDF) Study Guide:

  • AINS 103 Audio Study Guide Narrations, in MP3 file format, expertly narrated by Lisa Tobey
  • Ray’s Glossary for AINS 103
  • Sample diagnostic exam with answers and answer explanations

Study guide last updated: July 04, 2021

Current Text Edition: 1st

Ray’s estimate of course difficulty (1, easiest and 10, hardest): 3

Number of study guide pages: 26

Covered within this study guide:

  • The Need for Commercial Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Other Commercial Insurance
  • Insurance for Small Businesses
  • Evolving Commercial Insurer Roles

As a good study guideline, figure anything in those 26 pages might be on your exam and that there will be nothing on your exam that is not covered in those 26 pages.

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