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ABC of Attraction – Text To Sex

ABC of Attraction – Text To Sex

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ABC of Attraction – Text To Sex

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ABC of Attraction – Text To Sex

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Text to Sex Review (ABCs of Attraction)
by AlphaWolf & Co. December 7, 2011
ABCs of Attraction

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As PUA’s, there are many important components that come into play when moving a girl through the stages of seduction. One of the most important phases, we feel, is follow-up. When logistics don’t allow for SNL’s or Insta-Dates, we must rely on our phone and text skills to continue the interaction with a woman and continue to build comfort and attraction.
Text to Sex, a product by ABC’s of Attraction, solves this puzzle by challenging us to “use smart game in the world of smart phones”. T2S presents entire new models of text and phone follow-up, compatible with many existing models of seduction, to help you improve what transpires between the time you get a new girl’s number and the next time you see her, whether it’s for a Day 2
The cornerstone of Text to Sex is that it actually presents a methodology that allows guys to SKIP the first date, by turning a girl on so much over text and on the phone that she will want to see you right away.
Pros and Key Lessons
This program, led by Gareth Jones and J.T. Tran (The Asian Playboy) is divided into 6 parts, each of which speaks to a specific area of text/phone game:
Part 1: Overview – Here, they cover some of the basics of #-closing, reveal myths and common misconceptions of phone and text game, and show what’s possible with “SmartGame in the world of smartphones”.
Part 2: The Phone – This section addresses many aspects of phone game, from the basics down to minute details, like how to make your voice sound clearer and more dominant. You’re given a framework for leaving voicemails, and a foolproof calling schedule that reveals the secret calculation of days to wait before you make the “dreaded first phone call” to a girl. They also share a reusable model for maintaining a regular presence in a girl’s life, building comfort, and making plans. Also included is a Vocal Tonality Chart that makes it as easy as “A-B-C-D” to gauge the level of comfort you have with a girl, and determine where your volume, pitch, and speed should be to set the most effective framework possible for seduction.

Part 3: Texting – Gareth talks about two types of text game, Low Investment Texts vs. High Investment texts. He shares a handful of important but often-overlooked “never do’s” in text game, and why you should avoid them. You learn about the power of emoticons (smileys) to convey emotion and diffuse C&F sarcasm, as well as which emoticons you should and should NOT use. At the end of the section, there’s another handy flowchart that demonstrates how a text conversation should flow and how to handle contingencies.
Part 4: Internet Dating – In this section, we learn about gaming through various online social networks and dating sites, as well as the pros and cons of each. They cover why you should never spend a penny on online dating sites, how to create a profile that acts as an instant DHV, and the most effective ways to maintain a presence in your social circle and communicate one-on-one with girls online.
Part 5: Sexual Escalation – This part is, by far, my favorite 🙂 The analogy that they give for this section, “The Holodeck”, really serves the message well – that you truly can create any kind of sexual experience for women over the phone or through text, and your only limit is your imagination. There are 4 areas that are covered by this section: Approach, Banter, Comfort, and Direct/Dominant Dirtytalk. Gareth demonstrates how to use open-ended questions and textual/verbal compliance tests (TVCT’s) to engage a woman’s imagination and turn her on with sensual and sexual imagery, at just the right part of the interaction. This covers just about all the secrets you need to know in order to either a) turn a girl on so much that she has an orgasm over the phone with you, or b) get her so horny that she comes over to your place that night. I’ve used these techniques myself over the past 2 weeks and let’s just say they’re dangerously effective…
Part 6: Dating vs. Hooking Up – Here, J.T. Tran talks about the evolution of “dating” and how the female mindset now, more than ever, is geared towards more casual encounters – as opposed to the traditional, rigid dating frame. He shows us that, despite the fact that “dates” in and of them, are unnecessary with most girls, there are right ways and wrong ways to set them up for those of us who enjoy spending more time getting to know women. He also reveals secrets to dealing with girls who bring friends along with them on dates, and how you can actually use these situations to your advantage. There’s even a worksheet included, for simplicity, on planning mini-dates that incorporate all of the right traits.
Key Takeaways:

The 3 components of vocal tonality (volume, pitch, and speed) are essential to having successful phone game, and must be calibrated to where you currently stand in the context of a seduction.
It’s important to keep in mind that all phone and text interactions are geared towards the meet up – be it a Day 2 or sex.
Having a roadmap of when to call a girl and when to text her
A simple but effective model for leaving voicemails, getting a girl to call you back, and dealing with flakes
A 9-step process that, when followed, can create more dates than you can handle – without using any “pickup lines” or other gimmicks
Which emoticons to use in text conversations – and at what point in time to use each, as well as why any other emoticon besides the 2 that are described can cause confusion and actually hinder progress in the seduction
The *ideal* amount of time to wait in between each SMS you send, and why most PUA’s and other systems have it completely wrong
Low investment vs. high investment texting, and when it’s appropriate to use each
How to banter and use push/pull and cocky/funny techniques through text and phone
The key factors that differentiate a successful social media or online dating profile from one that just gets overlooked, as well as secrets of one-on-one online messages that set you apart
A demonstration of what’s *really* possible in terms of sexual escalation over phone and text, and how to skip the first date altogether in favor of a sexually-charged “night in”


At times, it’s a little difficult to follow the model. There are a several acronyms (i.e. IABT) and structures (A/B/C/D) that will probably make more sense the second time you watch the videos or review the slides.
The system places a high reliance on already having relatively solid game. For example, if you #-close a girl but the initial interaction is weak, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to revive the set from simply using the techniques here. This isn’t a product for beginners – if you are still struggling with the approach, it might be a better idea to work on the other areas of your game first.
Price is a little high, which might discourage some of those new to the community and not intent on investing in a high-ticket item. The content and revolutionary model in the system definitely does have value, though, and overall it’s a good investment for your money.

If your in-field game is decent enough, and you’re tired of using canned, PUA-ish lines over text and the phone that don’t seem to be producing any results, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Text to Sex by ABC’s of Attraction. They’ll show you how to transform your text and phone game to the next level and actually get girls out on Day 2’s, or directly for sex. It’s a bit of an investment, both in time and in money, but if you’re truly committed to getting the results you desire with women, purchasing Text to Sex is a complete no-brainer.

P.S. If you enjoyed this post, you can also download your free 10 little style tips and the 2 authentic conversation starters here for free.



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