A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System


A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

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A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

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 A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

Dear Forexmentor Family,

This is Peter Bain.

In talking with Forexmentor members, the comment I probably hear most often is that members took on the challenge of learning Forex trading with the dream of eventually quitting their day job and become a full time trader.

It’s every trader’s dream to get out of the 9-5 grind someday without sacrificing the family’s financial security.

But for many of us, quitting our day job is often not an option.

So… is it possible to successfully participate in the Forex market and still keep the day job?

If you have a day job and like to trade the forex, you will be interested in what I have to say.

I would like you to meet Alan Benefield who’s a senior Forexmentor member. Like many of you, Alan works a steady day job and trades the Forex on a part-time basis.

Alan’s an electronic engineer by trade and has been with his current company for over 14 years. He has good health plan which his family needs and working on a nice retirement nest egg. Alan feels that it would be foolish for him to give this up. Who can blame him?

Many of you can certainly relate…

So, how does one trade the Forex without having to watch the market all day long?

Alan routinely puts in 55 to 65 hours a week at work yet has great success trading the forex market. How does he do it?

Alan did this by devising his own system by using many of the same tools I discussed in my Big Dog Forex Trading Course. He applies some of these tools on longer timeframes and designed a truly powerful and simple forex position trading system.

Alan is an experienced trader who loves the challenge of the markets. Alan has studied and traded the markets including the Forex for many years. Because Alan has a new family, he wanted to keep his day job for the security it provides. At the same time, he wanted to build his trading career gradually and responsibly.

Here’s how Alan accomplished this – in his own words…

“To make trading the forex part-time possible, I began to design my unique position trading system I now call “Daily 3 Stochastic”. After many late nights of intense studying, backtesting and experimentation, I have discovered two amazingly powerful indicators which when combined with classic rules of trading makes a very powerful yet simplistic position trading system.

When I set out to design a system, I had the following objectives in mind:

1. Requires only a few minutes a day to find and manage trades

2. Easy to implement

3. Easy to learn

4. Visually oriented method (quick and systematic scanning)

5. Uses readily available software and charting tools

6. High winning probability

I know these are very challenging objectives and it took me a full year (4 hours a day) of tweaking and back testing. I finally came up with a system that works for me and my schedule.

Using these strategies, I am able to achieve an amazing 75% success rate in my own trading. Furthermore, the system has been backtested to yield over 70-80% winners.

This system is so simple to use that I often find trades right before I head off to work with only a few minutes to spare before rushing out the door.

My Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System has completely changed my life. It has allowed me to participate in the market successfully without quitting my day job. If it can work for me, I know it can do the same for you. If you are thinking of giving up trading because you cannot watch the market, you owe it to yourself to check out this system.

Best regards,

Something else you should know about Alan is that he loves to teach! Alan really enjoys helping fellow traders succeed. As most of you know, Alan recently wrote an article on his system and shared it with the Forexmentor family. The feedback was simply overwhelming! We received many emails from traders wanting to know more about Alan’s system.

It turns out that many of you are in Alan’s situation. You simply cannot watch the market all day long but still want to profit from the Forex. Many asked if Alan could create a video course so that others would benefit from his system and his research.

Alan accepted the challenge and after 3 months, he and the Forexmentor team finally put the finishing touches to this long awaited course. It is now available immediately to all Forexmentor members.

So to summarize, Alan’s Daily 3 Stochastic Position Trading system is a set of highly visual trading strategies that take only a few minutes a day to implement. You can quickly scan the currency pairs, perform the necessary trade management and get on with your life! You do not have to be an advanced trader to put these strategies to work. In fact, traders of any skill level can learn this simple system in matter of a few hours.

To make it even easier, Alan has agreed to publish bonus video examples to show you how he applies these concepts in real market conditions. These videos will be available to all course purchasers on a regular basis. Thanks Alan!

By the way… Alan assures me that you will not require expensive software or charts to learn and apply this Position Trading System. The tools and charting software required to implement these strategies are readily available on the internet at no cost. Alan has numerous video tutorials that will show you step-by-step how to setup and use these tools and implement the system in matter of hours! (See samples below)

So here’s what you will learn in this comprehensive course…

To see trade setups at first glance of a chart
Take only a few minutes a day to use this system
Learn how to use Multiple Moving Averages in position trading
A quick way to use the Daily chart with the weekly chart
Know when to stay out of high risk trades
Know when price action is likely to change directions
Step by step advanced chart setup
A trade step guide to help you nail good trades
Learn how to spot a trending or non trending market at first glance
Detailed Advanced application of the Daily 3 Stochastic System
2 hours+ of video instruction
Bonus: a 25 page implementation guide

plus much more…

This course was developed to accommodate a wide range of experience levels, including the more novice traders. All concepts explained carefully with this in mind.


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