A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently


A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently

A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently

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A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently

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A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently

Falls are one of the leading causes of death for aging adults – and unfortunately your client or even one of your own parents, could be next.

They don’t realize it when they’re sitting still, but the second they stand – they trip, sway, stumble or even fall. Some may attribute it to dizziness from standing up too fast or call it a “one-time thing” – but as therapists in the rehab field we know better.

And hopefully your client’s fall won’t lead to death but there’s other cause for concern when it comes to falls… decreased strength, disengagement due to lack of movement, hospitalization and more.

With this evidence-based training — A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care — you’ll get a complete look at the strategies necessary to reduce falls and potentially save your client’s life.

Our experts will guide you step-by-step through each module, so you’ll be able to easily identify risk factors for falls and guide your clients through exercise programs that work uniquely for their needs. Gain the confidence you need to effectively treat and recommend routines with your clients, especially when it comes to fall prevention techniques they can continue to use outside the clinic.

Walk away with new approaches to help your clients age confidently, including improved sleep, posture, medication management, and so much more. Plus, you’ll gain dozens of fall reduction exercises and activities when you enroll today…

Walk away with proven strategies you can begin using today!

Module One:

The Clinician’s Guide to Reducing Falls:

Evidence-Based Strategies that Work

Trent Brown, MOT, OTR/L, BCG, will show you how to improve functional outcomes, increase occupational performance, give your older clients confidence in their mobility and reduce falls in Module 1. Walk away with new ways to educate your clients on where falls come from and how to reduce them. We’ll also dive into the psychological, physiological, visual, and neuromuscular causes of falls – and how you can use them to improve function and performance for long-term success. Plus, add dozens of fall reduction exercises, activities and so much more.

You’ll gain more advanced knowledge and approaches to:

  • Discover the major contributors to falls and the most common environments they occur
  • Integrate steps to reduce the likelihood of medication-related falls
  • Uncover the common principles in a fall reduction program that lead to the best outcomes
  • Develop learned exercises and assessments during labs to ensure immediate carryover into clinical settings
  • Implement documentation strategies to justify skilled clinical services and reimbursement to all payer sources

Module Two:

Comprehensive Approach to Aging Confidently:

Geriatric Posture, Core and Balance

Module 2 is your guide to create the best individualized exercise programs for your aging clients. Shari Kalkstein, BA, PTA, CSCS, EP-C, CPT, CMES, is handing you her innovative exercises, routines, and recommendations for the best exercise programs for your aging clients – including exact questions and assessments for effective, functional intervention. As an experienced physical therapist assistant and personal trainer, Ms. Kalkstein offers a comprehensive and unique understanding of the aging adult and offers an effective exercise program that will strengthen and support the spine as well as the whole body to help increase and maintain functional abilities.

You’ll walk away able to create a program for each client with techniques for lower and upper extremities, weightbearing and non-weightbearing situations, and much more. The session is packed with visual exercises for strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility to take your balance work one step further to transform your clients’ lives…

Would you like to receive Trent Brown, Shari Kalkstein & Ralph Dehner – A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently ?

  • Uncover the effects of degenerative spinal conditions associated with aging
  • Identify controllable and uncontrollable risk factors for osteoporosis
  • Discover the goals of strength training for clients with spinal and postural degeneration
  • Incorporate healthy balance and fall activities into their current exercise program
  • Develop and instruct older adults on self-assessments following a fall

Module Three:

Proven Fall Prevention Strategies:

Exercise, Meds Management, & Home Modification

In Module 3, you’ll get brief but concrete training to educate your clients on the treatment and knowledge they need to reduce the risk of falls in the home, community, and clinical settings. Trent Brown will show you how research supports the role of therapy in fall reduction, while demonstrating how to include exercise strategies, medication management, and home modification into your therapy program.

  • Discover the role clinicians have for fall prevention in every setting.
  • Develop programs, exercises, assessments, and educational resources to reduce falls.


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